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Stefan Malešević
Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro 2019 / 92’
Maiden Mid90s

Mamonga takes us on a trip to the Balkans by lorry. Moving between Bosnia, Montenegro and Serbia, between village, town and city, we accumulate a host of emotions and even more secrets along the way. This feature debut of Serbian director and graduate of Béla Tarr’s Film.Factory, tells the story of a failure of communication in a series of long shots. The relationships of parents and children, women and men, strangers and familiar faces, are subject to patriarchal rules that reward aggression, violence and silence. The shy Marko surrenders to the will of his father, who wants the boy to be part of a family transport empire. His passivity determines Jovana's fate when she goes to a disco one night. Fortunately, the old value system is eroded. An Asian woman, who unexpectedly appears in an almost deserted village, gets close to the men living there despite the language barrier. And Luka, a little boy who doesn't want to talk, finds a way to break his persistent silence. The director touches on delicate issues hidden just below the surface of a seemingly peaceful life that the countries of former Yugoslavia lead today. He breaks the macho pact, trying to break silence, turn indifference into engagement and disarm hostility with curiosity and care.


Małgorzata Sadowska

Stefan Malešević

Born in 1989 Stefan Malešević is a Serbian director, screenwriter, producer. Before studying at Film.Factory, a film school in Sarajevo founded by Béla Tarr, he completed his electrotechnical studies in Belgrade. The author of about twenty short films and a full-length documentary entitled Gora (2017) about the Goran - an ethnic minority in Kosovo, Slavs professing Islam. His first feature, Mamonga, premiered in the East of the West section of the Karlovy Vary Film Festival. He is also the founder of the Slovofilm production company.


2016 Gora (doc.)

2019 Mamonga 

Cast & Crew

director Stefan Malešević
screenplay Stefan Malešević, Zorica Milisavljević, Simon Marić
cinematography Bogdan Babović
editing Jelena Maksimović
cast Marta Bjelica, Dražen Pavlović, Nabi Tang, Vuk Janošević
producer Andrijana Sofranić
production Nana 143, Sarajevo Film Academy, Slovofilm, Code Blue Production
language Serbian
colouration colour