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Woman at War

Benedikt Erlingsson
Kona fer í stríð
Iceland, France, Ukraine 2018 / 101’
Where Man Returns

Iceland’s Benedikt Erlingsson made his debut with Of Horses and Men, but this time he focuses on only a single person: a woman on a mission who decides to fight for the environment. Halla (Halldóra Geirhađsdóttir), the conductor of a small-town choir, has had enough of politicians’ empty promises. “I was raised on the adventures of Pippi Longstocking,” the director admitted with a smile following the premiere of his film in Cannes. He never forgets to mention in interviews Berta Cáceres Flores, an activist from Honduras who was murdered in 2016, or Sigríður Tómasdóttir, who saved a waterfall in the early 20th century that is now one of Reykjavik’s main attractions. Like them, and armed only with a bow, Halla just does her thing. Undeterred in the slightest by the fact that the government—which initially attempted to blame foreigners for the damage caused—a powerful corporation and … a group of musicians are already hot on her heels. After all, you can’t go to war without proper backup.

Marta Bałaga


Haifa IFF 2018 – Special Mention; Hamburg FF 2018 – Art Cinema Award for Best Feature; Ljubljana IFF 2018 – Best Film; Montréal Festival of New Cinema 2018 – Best Actress, Nordic Council’s Film Prize; Portland IFF 2019 – Audience Award; Seville European FF 2018 – Audience Award; Tromsø IFF 2019 – Audience Award; Valladolid IFF 2018 – Best Actress

Benedikt Erlingsson

Bork in 1969, Benedikt Erlingsson is an Icelandic director, screenwriter and actor. Among other roles, he appeared in Lars von Trier’s film The Boss of It All . He came to prominence with his full-length debut Of Horses and Men, which was showered with prizes at prestigious festivals. In his documentary The Show of Shows, he takes a look at the forgotten world of circus and vaudeville; in the drama Woman at War, he addresses debates about the environment. He is a two-time Nordic Council film award winner.


2007 Thanks (short)

2008 Naglinn (short)

2013 O koniach i ludziach / Of Horses and Men

2015 The Show of Shows

2018 Kobieta idzie na wojnę / Kona fer í stríð / Woman at War

Cast & Crew

director Benedikt Erlingsson
screenplay Benedikt Erlingsson, Ólafur Egilsson
cinematography Bergsteinn Björgúlfsson
editing David Alexander Corno
music Davíð Þór Jónsson
cast Halldóra Geirharðsdóttir, Jóhann Sigurðarson, Juan Camillo Roman Estrada, Jörundur Ragnarsson
producer Benedikt Erlingsson, Carine Leblanc, Marianne Slot
production Slot Machine, Gulldrengurinn, Vintage Pictures, Köggull Filmworks
Polish distributor M2 Films
language Icelandic, Spanish, English, Ukrainian
colouration colour