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Paul Tunge
Norway 2019 / 76’
A White, White Day Rams

Inspired by the famous Dogme 95 manifesto—signed in Copenhagen in 1995 by Thomas Vinterberg, Lars von Trier, Kristian Levring and Søren Kragh-Jacobsen—which calls for a thorough “cleansing” of cinema, Norwegian director Paul Tunge once again bets on Spartan minimalism. By limiting the number of people on the set to himself and the two actors who also appeared in his drama Fountain of Youth, he observes—while paying absolutely no regard to chronology—the relationship between two people isolated from the rest of the world in their own home, a building designed with a clinical coolness down to the smallest detail. Listening in on their familiar-sounding conversations—about social media, red meat and new television series—it is sometimes difficult to figure out whether they’re still at the romantic start of their life together or if they’re about to break up. The protagonists apparently don’t know either, as their indiscriminate sniping seems to hit the target more and more often.

Marta Bałaga

Paul Tunge

Born in 1983, Paul Tunge is a Norwegian director and screenwriter. He has made a number of low-budget dramas, such as Dam, Fountain of Youth and this year’s Du, in which, with the help of Maria Grazia Di Meo and Jørgen Hausberg Nilsen in the lead roles, he observes a couple’s complicated relationship. He was also responsible for the editing, cinematography and production. As an assistant director, his credits include the award-winning Oslo, August 31st, by Joachim Trier, and Out of Nature, by Ole Giæver and Marte Vold.

Selected filmography

2015 Demning

2017 Fountain of Youth

2018 Bauta (doc. short)

2018 Odda

2019 Du

Cast & Crew

director Paul Tunge
screenplay Paul Tunge
cinematography Paul Tunge
editing Paul Tunge
cast Maria Grazia Di Meo, Jørgen Hausberg Nilsen
producer Paul Tunge, Alexander Kristiansen
production Filmavdelingen
language Norwegian
colouration colour