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Horse Riders

Anna Gawlita
Poland 2018 / 19’
Fascinatrix Loved Ones

Despite the fact that hardly any horses remain in Silesian villages, every year on Easter Sunday, thirty of the animals set off on a journey to circumspect the boundaries of the local fields. Over the course of the 35-kilometer route, their riders pray and sing devotional songs while during the stops, they rest, eat and drink vodka. Fatigue and alcoholic intoxication mix with a state of religious elation, the sacred with the profane.

Magdalena Sztorc


Busan International Short Film Festival - Jury Prize; Camerimage 2018 - Golden Frog; Festiwal Mediów "Człowiek w zagrożeniu" 2018 - Special Jury Mention; Festiwal Filmowy "Opolskie Lamy" 2018 - Special Mention

Anna Gawlita

Anna Gawlita is a producer, production manager, director, president of the board of Kijor Film and a member of the Polish and European Film Academies. She has produced films by, among others, Tomasz Wolski, Piotr Stasik, Jakub Radeja and Aleksandra Maciuszek. In 2017, together with Tomasz Wolski, she co-directed the documentary film Festival. Currently, she is working on the debut of the visual artist Agnieszka Polska entitled Hurray, We Are Still Alive. Last year she completed her independent directorial debut Horse Riders.


2017 Festiwal (doc.)

2018 Krzyżoki (short, doc.)

Cast & Crew

director Anna Gawlita
screenplay Anna Gawlita
cinematography Tomasz Wolski
editing Tomasz Wolski
music Michał Górczyński
producer Anna Gawlita
production Kijora Film Sp. z o.o.
sales Kijora Film
language Polish
colouration b&w