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Basia 2

Marcin Wasilewski, Robert Jaszczurowski, Łukasz Kacprowicz
Poland 2019 / 45’
subtitles: Polish only!
Captain Morten and the Spider Queen

Basia is a five-year-old heroine to every preschooler. She has plenty of personality, a furry friend, loves gummy bears and striped clothes. Every day she thinks up something new; one day she wants to become a ballerina and a wild animal trainer the next. In Basia's world everything is an adventure - learning pirouettes, cooking together or shopping at the supermarket. With Basia you never get bored.

Basia 2 is an adaptation of four books from the beloved series by Zofia Stanecka and Marianna Oklejak. The series directors retained the style of drawings and sense of humor characteristic of books featuring Basia. They show the world from the perspective of a curious five-year-old; viewers and readers love Basia for being an ordinary girl that any child can identify with, while parents truly relate to mom and dad.


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Cast & Crew

director Marcin Wasilewski, Robert Jaszczurowski, Łukasz Kacprowicz
screenplay Szymon Jachimek, Zofia Stanecka, Marcin Wasilewski, Marcin Graj
editing Tomasz Halski
music Michał Jacaszek
animation Mateusz Ciompała, Marta Herashchanka, Artur Huk, Kaja Krzysiek, Lada Levchuk, Ewa Najda, Paula Nędzarek, Paweł Olszewski, Anna Tumanów, Karol Szczepankiewicz, Joanna Wardzyńska
cast Julia Gawrysiak, Helena Godlewska, Barbara Kubiak, Beata Wyrąbkiewicz, Maciej Kowalik, Lidia Sadowa, Grzegorz Sieradzki, Dominika Kuzaj
producer Robert Jaszczurowski, Łukasz Kacprowicz
production Grupa Smacznego
Polish distributor Stowarzyszenie Nowe Horyzonty
language Polish
colouration colour