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Lina Maria Mannheimer
Sweden 2019 / 93’
Greta My Nudity Does Not Mean Anything

Do millennials love differently—differently from older people? This is a story that you can’t just shrug off. Does the fact that today’s young adults exchange three thousand messages in eight days distinguish their love lives from those of a generation or two earlier? Director Lina Maria Mannheimer showed extraordinary humility: she published an ad and found two young people who “go” on online dates and got them to record everything they experienced. She followed them no matter what happened. Although she never met them in real life, her camera got as close to her subjects as anyone ever has. The result is an extraordinarily natural story that develops organically—proof of the great trust that Naomi and Edvin had in the director, not to mention us, the viewers. This is not a reality show featuring Tinder or the first male-female friendship but rather a recording of that initial period of a relationship, when one wakes up and falls asleep with thoughts of their new love. The guy and the girl see their relationship completely differently—entirely contrary to stereotypes. You’d like to see them live happily ever after.

Adriana Prodeus

Lina Maria Mannheimer

Lina Maria Mannheimer was first noticed when her debut short documentary Kontraktet took part in the competition at the SXSW Festival in Texas. Her most important decision is her selection of protagonists. In the case of her first film, that meant Beverly Charpentier and her partner, the French writer Catherine Robbe-Grillet. She made another film with them, a costume miniature called The Five Senses and a full-length documentary, The Ceremony, about Robbe-Grillet, France’s most famous dominatrixMating was made from afar, allowing the protagonists to record themselves.


2010 The Five Senses (short)

2010 Kontrakt / Kontraktet (short)

2014 Ceremonia / Ceremony

2019 Okres godowy / Parningsmarknaden / Mating

Cast & Crew

director Lina Maria Mannheimer
screenplay Lina Maria Mannheimer, Naomi Carter, Edvin Kempe
cinematography Naomi Carter, Edvin Kempe
editing Simon Calgren
music Simon Lundgren, Rasmus Thord
cast Naomi Carter, Edvin Kempe
producer Mathilde Dedye, Isabella Rodriguez
production French Quartier Film, Sveriges Television AB-SVT, Film i Vast, Kristiine Barfood Film
sales Film Repulic
language Swedish
colouration colour