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Extreme Private Eros: Love Song

Kazuo Hara
Gokushiteki erosu: Renka 1974
Japan 1974 / 98’
Bilbao I Love You, I Don’t

A radically intimate documentary that shatters taboos by showing everything that was once considered obscene and shameful: genitals, pubic hair, sexual intercourse (involving a minor) with a black man and childbirth and the birth of a mixed-race child. But the real challenge for patriarchal, prudish Japan was the image of a woman depicted in the film: a bisexual, radical feminist, single mother and activist fighting for, among other things, the rights of prostitutes—a woman who wants to love, have sex and raise her child on her own terms. Twenty-six-year-old Miyuki Takeda, the director’s life partner and the mother of his son, was an independent woman desperate for freedom. In 1972, she decided to leave and take her son to Okinawa. Unable to accept that she was gone, the artist starts creating a story about what happened to her. Delving deep into the intimate world of his ex-partner, Kazuo Hara also creates, at the same time, an intriguing and no less intimate (and, above all, lacking in Japanese society in general) image of female experiences and conflicts. He also revealed on-screen his own emotions and his own ambiguous status: neither a witness nor a companion nor a man who wants to continue to use his camera to keep an eye on “his” woman.

Małgorzata Sadowska

Kazuo Hara

Born in 1945, Kazuo Hara is a Japanese director specializing in documentary films. He studied photography, but he gave up his studies in order to work at a special school. He made his debut with the film Sayonara CP about people with cerebral palsy. He enjoys telling the stories of outsiders. He is known as a provocateur. His followers include two prominent American documentary filmmakers, Errol Morris and Michael Moore—the latter called him his Japanesesoulmate.

Selected filmography

1972 Sayonara CP / Goodbye CP (doc.)

1974 Gokushiteki erosu: Renka 1974 / Extreme Private Eros: Love Song 1974 (doc.)

1987 Naga Armia Cesarza maszeruje dalej / Yuki yukite, shingun / The Emperor's Naked Army Marches On (doc.)

2005 Mata no Hi no Chika / The Many Faces of Chika

2016 Nippon Asbest Village / Sennan Asbestos Disaster (doc.)

Cast & Crew

director Kazuo Hara
screenplay Kazuo Hara
cinematography Kazuo Hara
editing Jun Nabeshima
music Kubota Yukio
cast Kazuo Hara, Miyuki Takeda, Sachiko Kobayashi
producer Sachiko Kobayashi
production Shisso Production
sales Media Space
language Japanese
colouration b&w