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Júlio Alves
Portugal 2019 / 65’
Present.Perfect. Sons of Denmark

Rua 1º Dezembro, nº 101, 2º C, Optec Filmes headquarters in Lisbon. A solid gate guards the entrance to the old tenement next to the Rossio station, there is no bell. What does the key look like? This might be a phone number. Someone will come down from the top of a narrow, lightless elevator and let you in. A balustrade with decorative ball, dust, front door, wardrobe, chair, window, view from the window... Pedro Costa, the hero of last year's retrospective, is as elusive in Júlio Alves's film as the essence of his cinema and his method. Almost without leaving Costa's office in Lisbon, the director constructs a pageant of objects of obsession, whose materiality is supposed to testify to the actual existence of the character. A camera with the word "pedro," his worn shoes, a handwritten letter, his voice. However, the matter Alves uses becomes increasingly fleeting, composed of sounds, photographs, scripts that do not exist, and sentences that do not end. Is it enough to bring the lens closer to the object to tell its story? The elevator in which Ventura talked with his demons lacks a fourth wall, it cannot be closed. 

Agnieszka Szeffel

Júlio Alves

Born in Lisbon in 1971, Júlio Alves began working within the film industry at an early age. He began his well-established career working as an Assistant Director and Assistant Producer for several Portuguese, French and Spanish feature films and telefilms. Then he began directing his own short films in genres such as fiction, animation and documentarie. Apart from his short documentaries, he has also directed three feature length documentaries. His works have been nominated at many national and international festivals and have also received numerous awards. Since 2000, Alves has expanded his portfolio in directing advertising films for large Portuguese and Spanish brands. He has his Master’s degree in Film Studies and is currently working on his Doctorate in Communication Sciences of Universidade Lusófona de Lisboa.

Selected filmography

1995 A Fachada (short)

1996 O Despertador (short)

2007 Ossudo (short)

2012 A Casa (doc.)

2012 O Regresso (doc.)

2013 Casa Manuel Vieira (short, doc.)

2018 Casa Encantada / Haunted House

2018 Objectos entre nós / Objects Between Us

2019 Sacavém

Cast & Crew

director Júlio Alves
screenplay Júlio Alves
cinematography Miguel Saraiva
editing Hugo Leitão
sound João Alves
cast Pedro Costa
producer Júlio Alves
production Midnight Express
sales Portugal Film
language Portuguese
colouration colour