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Rodrigo Lima, Lucas Parente
Brazil 2018 / 61’
How to Use the Pyramid

Hallucinations, ritual magic, erotic dreams and archival snapshots from pioneering nudist colonies in Brazil blend together in a dreamlike adaptation of Odysseus’s romance with the nymph Calypso. The island of Ogygia described by Homer finds a tropical equivalent in the Ilha del Sol off the coast of Rio. In the 1950s and 1960s, Ilha del Sol, with its rock formations reminiscent of ancient ruins, was home to Luz Del Fuego—a dancer, stripper, snake charmer and nudist. Curious visitors arriving on the island to see her perform with live pythons had to undress. Thus was created the first clothing-free zone in Latin America. The combination of nudity, intoxication, trance-inducing dances and snakes is just one step away from Satan worship. Del Fuego was considered a witch and was brutally murdered in 1967. The film uses authentic recordings from Ilha del Sol from the 1950s, juxtaposed with shots inspired by Arnold Böcklin's The Isle of Death. The director, Rodrigo Lima, frequently collaborates with Júlia Bressane, a master of Brazilian avant-garde. Filled with erotic tension and a stifling atmosphere, Calypso is both a dialogue with a master and a declaration of a departure from the realist idiom that dominates contemporary Brazilian cinema.

Ewa Szabłowska

Rodrigo Lima

Rodrigo Lima primarily works as an editor of many Brazilian films like Arábia (2017), by Affonso Uchôa e João Dumans and Belair (2010), by Noa Bressane e Bruno Safadi, both of which screened at New Horizons IFF. He began working with Júlio Bressane in 2006 when he edited Cleópatra (2007) and since then has been the editor of all his films. In 2009 he directed the short film Para Eva (For Eva). O espelho (The Mirror, 2015), his first feature as a director, had its world premiere in Locarno.


2009 Para Eva / For Eva (short)

2015 O Espelho / The Mirror

2019 Calypso

Lucas Parente

Lucas Parente dedicates himself to cinema and writing, performing projects with several artists and filmmakers.


2015 Amnesiac

2018 Satan Satie or Memoir of an Amnesiac (doc. short) 

2018 Taquaril Moonstruck (short)

2018 Calypso

Cast & Crew

director Rodrigo Lima, Lucas Parente
screenplay Rodrigo Lima, Lucas Parente
cinematography Pablo Hoffmann
editing Rodrigo Lima, Lucas Parente
music Guilherme Vaz
cast Julia Gorman, Walter Reis
producer Romero Capela, Jura Capela
production Filmes Soledade, Besta Fera Filmes, TB Produções
sales Rodrigo Lima
language Portuguese
colouration colour