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The Yellow Night

Ramon Porto Mota
A noite amarela
Brazil 2019 / 102’
The Juniper Tree Zombi Child

"A spiritual slasher" is how Ramon Porto Mota describes his debut, and it is a very apt description indeed: with the exception of a broken tooth, his horror features no other corporeal injuries or bloodshed. A group of recent high-school graduates travel to the holiday home of one of the girls. The house, on a tropical island, used to belong to her uncle, a scientist, but it has remained empty since his mysterious disappearance. The island is sparsely populated and seems to be constantly immersed in darkness—or perhaps it’s just the teens’ lifestyle, as they sleep off the previous night’s party during the day and only wake up as dusk falls. With no shortage of ambiguities and secrets, the revelers start being tormented by disturbing hallucinations. Memories of future dreams. One of them gets lost, something happens twice, time seems to be going in a loop. Is their depersonalization death or something else? Their childhood already behind them, a vague future stretches out ahead. They have no idea what they will find or what they will lose. They'll find out soon, however, and only one of them can see it coming—the one who sees more than the others. 

Ewa Szabłowska

Ramon Porto Mota

Ramon Porto Mota (Brazil) has been developing films and TV series as a screenwriter, producer and director since 2011. Following several shorts and the film series The Devil's Knot (2017), The Yellow Night is his debut feature.


2011 O hóspede (short)

2013 O Desejo do Morto (short)

2018 O Nó do Diabo

2019 Żółta noc / The Yellow Night / A noite Amarela

Cast & Crew

director Ramon Porto Mota
screenplay Ramon Porto Mota, Jhésus Tribuzi
cinematography Flora Dias
editing Fábio Andrade
music Vito Quintans
cast Ana Rita Gurgel, Caio Richard, Clara de Oliveira, Felipe Espíndola, Marina Alencar
producer Rodolpho de Barros, Mariah Benaglia, Ramon Porto Mota
production Vermelho Profundo Produções Audiovisuais
sales Vermelho Profundo Produções Audiovisuais
language Portuguese
colouration colour