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The Salt of the Black Earth

Kazimierz Kutz
Sól ziemi czarnej
Poland 1970 / 99’
The Hound of the Baskervilles

These people had no nobility and no bourgeoisie, they only had their rebels and their soldiers, and they had their leaders. They were walking towards Poland, straightening their back that had been bent over by a weight which would have overwhelmed others. With these words, Kazimierz Kutz's film storytelling begins, as a tribute to the former inhabitants of Silesia. Salt of the Black Earth - according to the anecdote, Kutz got the idea for the film in his sleep - takes place in 1920 and tells the story of the second Silesian Uprising. The main character here is young Gabriel Basista, who, together with his kin, is fighting for a common cause. His battle adventures are arranged in a series of loosely connected, simultaneously spectacular and poetic episodes. Salt... is not so much a film with a historical backdrop, as one with a mythological backdrop; the film's vision is openly simplified and idealized. This colorful, quite eccentric work is the first part of a Silesian trilogy, which also includes Pearl in the Crown and Beads from One Rosary.

Piotr Mirski

Kazimierz Kutz

(1929 - 2018) Kazimierz Kutz was graduated from the National Film, Television & Theatre School in Łódź. His film debut,  Cross of Valour was a polemic voice in a nationwide discussion on war experience. It gained the director a reputation as an excellent realist, able to show warmly and kindly the complex human psyche. His first films opposed the Polish School. His works focused on exploring ordinary life, far from great ideas and romantic martyrdom. He became very popular through the Silesian trilogy - Salt of the Black EarthPearl in the Crown and The Beads of One Rosary. Kazimierz Kutz was also a theatre and TV director.

Selected filmography

1958 Krzyż Walecznych / Cross of Valor

1960 Nikt nie woła / Nobody's Calling

1961 Ludzie z pociągu / Night Train

1969 Sól ziemi czarnej / Salt of the Black Earth

1971 Perła w koronie / Pearl in the Crown

1979 Paciorki jednego różańca / The Beads of One Rosary

1994 Śmierć jak kromka chleba / Death as a Slice of Bread

1995 Pułkownik Kwiatkowski / Colonel Kwiatkowski

Cast & Crew

director Kazimierz Kutz
screenplay Kazimierz Kutz
cinematography Wiesław Zdort
editing Irena Choryńska
music Wojciech Kilar
cast Olgierd Łukaszewicz, Jan Englert, Jerzy Bińczycki, Daniel Olbrychski
production Film Polski, Zespól Filmowy Wektor
sales Studio Filmowe Kadr
language Polish
colouration colour