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70 years WFDiF. Wrocław in the document

70 lat WFDiF. Wrocław w dokumencie
Poland  / 81’
70 years WFDiF. Wrocław in the Polish Film Chronicle

A number of documentaries about Wrocław have been made at the Documentary and Feature Film Studios in Warsaw. Nearly all of them have been shown during numerous reviews organized by the Kadry Wrocławia project.

Wrocław miasto studentów
dir. Jadwiga Plucińska, 1947, 12’

A film about the life of Wrocław’s first students. Students’ problems, entertainment and living conditions are shown through the eyes of three protagonists. It’s also worth paying attention to several other things, including the conditions in which the first lectures took place, Wrocław’s professors and the extraordinary panorama of Wrocław in the 1940s.

Wrocław 1959
dir. Jadwiga Plucińska, Poland 1959, 10’

More than a decade after the war, Wrocław is, on the one hand, a modern city teeming with life, while, on the other, it is still full of neglected, ruined suburbs. Among the post-war devastation, the inhabitants of Wrocław arrange their own little corner and makeshift lives. This true image of Wrocław did not appeal to the communist authorities.

Wrocławska opowieść
dir. Witold Lesiewicz, Poland 1969, 12’

The dramatic events of the Siege of Breslau are recalled by those who took part. Soldiers from the warring parties and civilians holed up in the fortress discuss the period of the siege. Ivan Konev, the commander of the Red Army who led forces fighting to capture Wrocław Fortress, also discusses what happened.

Nasz Wrocław
dir. Bogusław Rybczyński, Poland 1975, 37’

Commissioned by the Wrocław authorities, the film shows the city’s history from the end of the Siege of Breslau to the mid-1970s: from battles for the city, through its reconstruction (PKF fragments), followed by cultural, academic and industrial life, to idyllic scenes from streets, discos and other Wrocław attractions. In the end, we are treated to a bird’s-eye view of the city.

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