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The Dead Don’t Die

Jim Jarmusch
USA 2019 / 103’
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Did you enjoy Paterson? Did you love Only Lovers Left Alive? Is Ghostdog and Broken Flowers on your top ten list? If your answer is yes, you are going to love The Dead Don’t Die. The new Jim Jarmusch movie is a tasty distillation of his best past work. To a higher degree than in his earlier work The Dead… is also the filmmaker’s commentary on his career, creativity and an artist’s place in the world, verging on the last testament. Maybe that’s why Jarmusch populated (and zombielated?) the town of Centreville with all his old and new closest collaborators, including Adam Driver and Bill Murray and ‘out of this world’ Tilda Swinton as well as friends and family (his partner Sara Driver, Iggy Pop and Selena Gomez among others). The movie glitters with self-referential jokes (some of which are a bit bearded but with a new trim added), inter-textual plots while the concept itself is a jest - a parody of a zombie thriller genre mixed with a ‘weird’ cop comedy. But frankly, deep inside, The Dead… turns out to be a cry to ‘save the planet’, a conservationist environmental film. Let’s hope Jarmusch is not intending to stop here and share the life of his alter ego, the reclusive naturalist Bob The Hermit (Tom Waits).

Urszula Śniegowska

Jim Jarmusch

Born in 1953 in Akron, Ohio. One of the most important figures of independent cinema. Jarmusch studied film at New York University and Cinémathèque Française. Nicholas Ray (dir. Rebel without a Cause) was his mentor, and offered him an AD job. Through the success of his first films, especially Stranger Than Paradise (1984), which won the Gold Camera at Cannes, Jarmusch became the symbol of a new generation of independent American filmmakers and a critic favorite. His frequent use of dry humor and static scenes are so characteristic that the expression ‘Jarmuschian’ is understood around the world. Jarmusch’s awards include the Golden Palm at Cannes for a short (Coffee and Cigarettes III, 1994), Gold Camera at Cannes (Stranger Than Paradise, 1984) and many others.

Selected filmography

1980 Nieustające wakacje / Permanent Vacation

1984 Inaczej niż w raju / Stranger Than Paradise

1986 Poza prawem / Down by Law

1991 Noc na Ziemi / Night on Earth

1995 Truposz / Dead Man

2005 Broken Flowers

2009 The Limits of Control

Cast & Crew

director Jim Jarmusch
screenplay Jim Jarmusch
cinematography Frederick Elmes
editing Affonso Gonçalves
music Jim Jarmusch
cast Bill Murray, Adam Driver, Chloë Sevigny, Caleb Landry Jones, Danny Glover
producer Joshua Astrachan, Carter Logan
production Animal Kingdom
Polish distributor UIP
language English
colouration colour