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The Legend of Time

Isaki Lacuesta
La leyenda del tiempo
Spain 2006 / 109’
The Dead Don’t Die Varda by Agnès

Isaki Lacuesta follows the story of the inhabitants of the Spanish island of San Fernando, the teenage Gypsy Isra and a Japanese nurse named Makiko. As a small boy Isra sang beautifully but had to stop because of mourning after his father's death. He tries to find his way in a new family situation and to get along with his older brother. The change is also the starting point for the story of Makiko, who abandoned her homeland and dying father and flew to Spain to learn canto - flamenco singing. She was inspired by the figure of Camaron de la Isla, the famous singer, who is the third, though invisible character of the film. This legend about time has been divided into two segments and the characters will not meet although they live on the same island. Duality is a key theme for Lacuesta. Isra is no longer a child, but not yet a man. Makiko moves from a restrained Japanese culture and begins to live in its expressive Spanish counterpart, whilejoy and sadness resound in Cameron's canto. Lacuesta shot 90 hours of material during his travels around San Fernando, from which he chose two of the most interesting stories. His film is just like exploration, a free journey that manages to simply flow.   

Ola Salwa


Golden Apricot Yerevan IFF 2006 – Best Film; Las Palmas FF 2006 – Best Actor, Special Jury Award

Isaki Lacuesta

Isaki Lacuesta was born in Girona in 1975; he specializes in film essays that combine aspects of documentary and fiction. Lacuesta also writes screenplays for others (Garbo: Spy), creates numerous installations and teaches at the renowned Pompeu Fabra University. He twice won the Golden Shell, the top prize at the San Sebastián International Film Festival - in 2011 for his enigmatic portrait of writer and painter François Augiérasentitled The Double Steps (12th NH) and, 7 years later, for Between Two Waters.

Selected filmography

2000 Caras vs. caras (short)

2002 Cravan vs. Cravan (doc.)

2006 Legenda o czasie / La leyenda del tiempo / The Legend of Time

2009 Potępieni / Los condenados / The Damned

2010 La noche que no acaba / All Night Long (doc.)

2011 Podwójne ślady / Los pasos dobles / The Double Steps

2011 Zapiski z gliny / El cuaderno de barro / The Clay Diaries (doc.)

2016 Kolejna skóra / La propera pell / The Next Skin

Cast & Crew

director Isaki Lacuesta
screenplay Isaki Lacuesta
cinematography Diego Dussuel, Jose Ligero
editing Domi Parra
music Joan Albert Amargós
cast Israel Gómez Romero, Makiko Matsumura, Francisco José Gómez Romero, Jesús Olvera Mota
production De Palacio Films, Jaleo Films, Mallerich Audiovisuales S.L.
sales Filmax
language Spanish, Japanese
colouration colour