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The Taste of Crème Brûlée

Hiroatsu Suzuki, Rossana Torres
O Sabor do Leite Creme
Portugal 2012 / 74’
Self Portrait: Sphinx in 47 KM The Tree

Two elderly sisters live in an old house in Beira Alta that was built by their father opposite the school where they used to teach. Respectfully and elegantly filmed in long static shots, immersed in the past, full of memories and details, it also tells a larger story. Changing perspective in frame after frame, the filmmakers build a mental map of the house so that we can rotate it in our minds like a box filled with mementos. Life passes quietly, filled with handiwork and garden walks, with no plans for the future, waiting for the unknown. In the last years, or perhaps months, of their lives, the sisters enjoy the experience of communing with the world and seeing its virtues. When I saw this house for the first time, says Hiroatsu Suzuki, my grandmother’s home in Kyoto where I would spend my childhood holidays came to life right in front of my eyes. Many viewers who saw the film made the same association. It’s our shared memory, no matter where we come from.

Agnieszka Szeffel

Hiroatsu Suzuki

Self-taught film-maker and visual artist. From an early age, he spent time at the Kyoto Museum and at a cinema club, watching classical films from both Japan and the rest of the world. After various experiences in independent films, he went to live in Okinawa, becoming interested in photography within a rural setting. He set off Europe with the aim of perfecting his visual artistic sense via photography and film watching. Having seen some Portuguese films, he came to Portugal to get to know more about this cinema. He met Rossana and begun filming around Mértola (Alentejo), making their first film.


2009 Zielony pas / Cordão Verde / Green Belt (short, co-dir.)

2012 Smak crème brûlée / O Sabor do Leite Creme / The Taste of Crème Brûlée (co-dir.)

2018 Ziemia / Terra / The Earth (co-dir.)

Rossana Torres

Rossana Torres was born outside Portugal during her parents’ political exile. She came to Portugal as a child to study and live in her grandparents’ village. After the 1974 revolution, she joined her parents in Lisbon, studying visual arts and cinematography, working in film editing for several years. She has lived in Mértola for the last 25 years, teaching photography and video and leading film and animation workshops for children and young people. She has founded the 'Entre Imagem' Association both for making and producing films and for cultural and educative activities. 


2009 Zielony pas / Cordão Verde / Green Belt (short, co-dir.)

2012 Smak crème brûlée / O Sabor do Leite Creme / The Taste of Crème Brûlée (co-dir.)

2018 Ziemia / Terra / The Earth (co-dir.)

Cast & Crew

director Hiroatsu Suzuki, Rossana Torres
screenplay Hiroatsu Suzuki, Rossana Torres
cinematography Hiroatsu Suzuki
editing Hiroatsu Suzuki, Rossana Torres
sound Rossana Torres
producer Hiroatsu Suzuki, Rossana Torres
production Entre Imagem, Acert
sales Hiroatsu Suzuki, Rossana Torres
language Portuguese
colouration colour