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Rough Remote Rumble

Jorge López Navarrete
Ronco rumor remoto
Spain 2018 / 74’
Postcards from the Verge Self Portrait: Sphinx in 47 KM

An old man goes to his home village high in the mountains. But no one comes out to meet him. The primitive house where he spent his childhood stands empty, abandoned years ago, with windows blocked up with stones. There is only the bulldozer waiting to raze the house to the ground. The silent character does not fight, but pays homage to his roots - he decides to bury the house. He demolishes the building himself, working with his own hands, stone by stone. And then, in an unusual form, he returns them to nature. Jorge López Navarrete's ascetic, wordless, visually phenomenal debut forges a story-line skeleton from raw details - unemotional faces, rocky textures and regular hammer strokes that penetrate the silence of the raw landscape. However, the director does not propose an ethnographic cinéma vérité. Rough Remote Rumble becomes a cinematic contemplation on the obsession with continuous building and destruction, the process of shaping matter and its disintegration. This ritualistic dimension is reflected in the great black-and-white contrasting images of Omar Quezada.

Mariusz Mikliński

Jorge López Navarrete

From Barcelona, where he graduated from the faculty of film at the University of Pompeu Fabry, Jorge López Navarrete made a short independent film In 2013 entitled Little Block of Cement..., which was nominated for the European Film Award a year later. Rough Remote Rumble is his feature debut; it premiered at the Ann Arbor Film Festival.

Selected filmography

2013 Pequeño bloque de cemento con pelo alborotado conteniendo el mar / Little Block of Cement with Dishevelled Hair Containing the Sea (short)

2018 Ostry odległy łoskot / Ronco rumor remoto / Rough Remote Rumble

Cast & Crew

director Jorge López Navarrete
screenplay Jorge López Navarrete
cinematography Omar Quezada
editing Diana Toucedo
cast Amelia Coronado, David Rodríguez
producer Jorge López Navarrete, Delia García
production Jorge López Navarrete
sales Jorge López Navarrete
language Spanish
colouration b&w