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The Quietude

Pablo Trapero
La Quietud
Argentina 2018 / 117’
The Flower (Part 3) Theater of War

La Quietud is the name of a sizeable ranch near Bueonos Aires, where an older couple live with their daughter, Mía (Martina Gusmán), who looks after them. When the father ends up in the hospital, the family’s second child, Eugenia (Bérénice Bejo), arrives from Paris. The two sisters are as alike as two peas in a pod, but their personalities differ, and while they may love each other very much, they are quite capable of hurting one another. Hidden for years under the surface of a happy, prosperous life, secrets start coming out, much like the country’s grim past from the time of the military dictatorship. The latest film by the director of The Clan, Pablo Trapero, is at times a warm family picture, only to—as the director is wont to do—reveal the darker sides of privilege, remembrance and history. The superb cast of The Quietude, which was shown at the most recent festival in Venice, includes Edgar Ramírez, from American Crime Story,and legendary Argentinian actress Graciela Borges in a bravura performance as the doyenne of the family.

Adam Kruk

Pablo Trapero

Born in San Justo in 1971, Pablo Trapero is one of the most talented and hardest-working Argentinian directors and producers in the industry today. In 2002, he founded his own production company, Matanza Cine. His full-length debut, Crane World (1999), was shown at the Venice Festival (as well as New Horizons in 2006), where the director later won a Silver Lion for The Clan in 2015. He is married to actress Martina Gusmán, who often appears in his films, including Lion's Den, which was shown at Cannes, and his latest film, The Quietude.

Selected filmography

2002 Rekrut / El bonaerense

2006 Narodzony i wychowany / Nacido y criado / Born and Bred

2009 Lwica / Leonera / Lion’s Den

2015 El Clan / The Clan

2018 La Quietud / The Quietude

Cast & Crew

director Pablo Trapero
screenplay Pablo Trapero, Alberto Rojas Apel
cinematography Diego Dussuel
editing Alejandro Brodersohn, Pablo Trapero
music Damián Minckas, Ezequiel Flehner
cast Martina Gusmán, Bérénice Bejo, Edgar Ramírez, Graciela Borges, Joaquín Furriel
producer Pablo Trapero, Alex Kuschevatsky, Alejandro Cacetta
production Matanza Cine, Macassar Productions, Telefe
sales Wild Bunch
language Spanish, French
colouration colour