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Family Members

Mateo Bendesky
Los miembros de la familia
Argentina 2019 / 86’
Initials SG

Family Members is a tale of love, loss and fitness, announces a poster for Mateo Bendesky’s film. Following the death of their mother—a woman who trained in Brazilian jiu-jitsu—teenage Lucas and his mysterious older sister, Gilda, a mystical sort, travel to the Atlantic coast. They want to say good-bye to their mother in the place where she wanted to be laid to rest. Because of a bus drivers’ strike, however, they can't get back to Buenos Aires. Trapped in a sleepy town, the siblings look for ways to kill time. They get a chance not only to enjoy themselves but also to grow closer, as they learn a few things about one another and about themselves. This extraordinary picture of the ordinary life of Argentinian youth is both warm and melancholy and, above all, extremely funny. Family Members, Mateo Bendesky's second full-length film, premiered in the Panorama section at the last Berlin Festival, where it competed for a Teddy Award.

Adam Kruk

Mateo Bendesky

Mateo Bendesky was born in 1989 in Buenos Aires, where he graduated from the Universidad del Cine. He has already garnered some attention for his debut film, Acá adentro, and for two shorts. El ser magnético and his picture about the lives of children, Nosotros solos, were screened at festivals in Cannes, Rotterdam and Toronto.His latest work, Family Members, premiered at this year's Berlinale.


2013 Acá adentro / In Here

2015 El ser magnético / The Magnetic Nature (short)

2017 Nosotros solos / Together Alone (short)

2019 Członkowie rodziny / Los miembros de la familia / Family Members

Cast & Crew

director Mateo Bendesky
screenplay Mateo Bendesky
cinematography Roman Kasseroller
editing Ana Godoy
music Santiago Palenque
cast Tomás Wicz, Laila Maltz, Alejandro Russek, Sergio Boris, Ofelia Fernández
producer Agustina Costa Varsi, Mateo Bendesky, Diego Dubcovsky
production Varsovia Films, Volpe Films
sales Patra Spanou Film Marketing & Consulting
language Spanish
colouration colour