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Alex Holmes
UK 2018 / 97’
Maggie Mamonga

In 1989, a group of stubborn, brave and independent girls created the first ever female crew to compete in the highly prestigious and extremely dangerous Whitbread Round the World Race. They were gathered on the yacht "Maiden" by Tracy Edwards, a rebel and runaway from home. Girls at sea are just problems. Girls on ships are only suitable for the kitchen – this is what she has heard from the beginning of her great sailing adventure. So she fought not only against the dangerous conditions, but also against disregard and contempt. "If I had believed what they said about me, I would never have been where I am" she says years later. "We didn't want an ordinary job, we wanted adventure!" her friends add. These fascinating biographies of women, who paved the way for the next generation of rebellious women, will certainly inspire modern adventurers: brave daughters and courageous mothers. Passionate, exciting, the best sporting game-play possible; while providing a powerful dose of emotion, Maiden by Alex Holmes proves that for Tracy Edwards and the other girls it really was a race for everything.

Gutek Film


Dublin IFF 2019 – Audiance Award

Alex Holmes

Alex Holmes is a Bafta Award-winning filmmaker whose moving and provocative work spans both documentary and drama. He wrote and directed Stop at Nothing: The Lance Armstrong Story for ABC, which "Variety" described as “riveting... devastating... thought-provoking,” and Emmy® -, Bafta-, and RTS-winning dramas  House of SaddamDunkirk, and Coalition.

Selected filmography

2004 Dunkirk (TV)

2008 House of Saddam (TV Mini-Series)

2014 Stop at Nothing: The Lance Armstrong Story

2015 Coalition (TV)

2018 Maiden

Cast & Crew

director Alex Holmes
screenplay Alex Holmes
cinematography Chris Openshaw
editing Katie Bryer
music Rob Manning, Samuel Sim
cast Tracy Edwards, Jeni Mundy, Mikaela Von Koskull
producer Victoria Gregory, Alex Holmes
production New Black Films
Polish distributor Gutek Film
language English
colouration colour