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The Flower (Part 2)

Mariano Llinás
La flor (Parte 2)
Argentina 2018 / 313’
2 x 15 min intermission
The Flower (Part 1) The Flower (Part 3)

Composed of three parts, eight episodes, six stories and lasting almost 14 hours, the epic and absurdly ambitious La flor will be the most remarkable film experience of this year's New Horizons. This monumental work for true cinephiles is hysterically funny while occupying terrain reserved for B movies. Mariano Llinás modifies genres, managing to cover horror, musical, melodrama, Cold War spy thriller, Canadian mountain movie and others. He has created a witty and erudite commentary on our contemporary culture of binge-watching television shows. He offers a playful alternative by using the narrative logic of television in cinema. The same four charismatic actresses appear in each of the six stories, portraying new characters each time and wandering through a succession of stories and meandering plots. The plots branch off into surreal digressions intersected by poetic interludes; sudden twists arise, along with moments of meta self-awareness. La flor is also a film about making and watching movies: and ode to fiction and fabrication. As the title suggests, it resembles a floral ornament, labyrinthine, like the prose of the great Argentinian writers Borges and Cortázar.

Ewa Szabłowska


BAFICI 2018 – Best Argentinian Feature; Rotterdam IFF 2019 - Hubert Bals Fund Audience Award

Mariano Llinás

(Born 1975, Argentina) is a filmmaker, screenwriter, producer and actor. His sister is the well-known Argentinian actress Verónica Llinás. He was educated at the Universidad del Cine in Argentine, where he currently teaches. In 2002 he became known for his documentary BalneariosThe Flower (Part 1) (2016), winner of the Hubert Bals Fund Audience Award at IFFR 2017.


2002 Balnearios (doc.)

2008 Opowieści niezwykłe / Historias extraordinarias / Extraordinary Stories 

2011 Tres fábulas de Villa Ocampo (co-dir.)

2018 La flor / The Flower

Cast & Crew

director Mariano Llinás
screenplay Mariano Llinás
cinematography Agustín Mendilaharzu
editing Alejo Moguillansky
music Gabriel Chwojnik
cast Laura Paredes, Pilar Gamboa, Elisa Carricajo, Valeria Correa
producer Laura Citarella
production El Pampero Cine
sales Ingrid Prokopek
language Spanish, French
colouration colour