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She Is the Other Gaze

Christiana Perschon
Sie ist der andere Blick
Austria 2018 / 90’
Ridge The Grand Bizarre

Testimony to how the women’s movement in the art world was born. In a series of performative interviews, Austrian artists tell us what the Vienna art scene of the 1970s was like and discuss their path to equality both as women and as artists. Christiana Pershon creates a framework for an exchange of views and contrasts herself, a contemporary feminist, with the pioneers of the movement. She shows just how much determination women in the art world must have had to make their way through the labyrinth of patriarchal prejudices, economic injustices and social invisibility that existed. This is astonishing, given that their opponents were not awful townsfolk, but other artists, galleries and critics, the art world establishment, which saw itself as a progressive environment. There was a ubiquitous macho culture, and the paternalism that women were treated with was humiliating, say the women interviewed in the film. This is a documentary that is a warning about the fact that a progressive environment does not guarantee equality, as well as a lesson in sisterhood for a younger generation of women.

Ewa Szabłowska


Diagonale 2019 – Best Camera Award Documentary Film

Christiana Perschon

Born in 1978 in Baden near Vienna. Artist and director. Studied at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna and worked for the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation (ORF), the Austrian Audiovisual Archive, as well as a curator. Her films won numerous prizes and were shown at international festivals (Internationale Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen, Visions du Réel, Festival International de Cinéma Nyon). She Is The Other Gaze is her first feature film.

Selected filmography

2012 Bildrand (short)

2012 You're within, I'm without (short)

2014 Noema (short)

2016 Ghost Copy (short)

2016 Double 8 (short)

2018 Das bin nicht ich, das ist ein Bild von mir (short)

Cast & Crew

director Christiana Perschon
screenplay Christiana Perschon
cinematography Christiana Perschon
editing Christiana Perschon
music Christiana Perschon
cast Renate Bertlmann, Linda Christanell, Lore Heuermann, Karin Mack, Margot Pilz, Iris Dostal
producer Christiana Perschon
production Christiana Perschon
sales Sixpack
language German
colouration colour & b&w