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The Golden Glove

Fatih Akin
Der goldene Handschuh
Germany, France 2019 / 110’
The Beach Bum The Halt

The most controversial film of this year's Berlinale this is Fatih Akin's ironic commentary on the growing popularity stories about serial killers. Fritz Honka (played by the frighteningly credible Jonas Dassler) is a walking contradiction to the smooth-faced Zak Efron from Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile. Disgusting both morally and physically, the man is one of the regulars of the dingy Der Goldene Handschuh bar in Hamburg. It is there that Honka finds his victims - prostitutes who he lures to his apartment and then murders with particular cruelty. While portraying the killer, Akin does not look away and offers the viewer no mercy. Film violence is shown in an extremely realistic way, and the evil done by Honka has no ambiguous charm. The director also does not allow his story to be treated as a closed case from a distant past; although the film's action takes place in the seventies, the protagonist’s misogynist and xenophobic tirades seem disturbingly fitting today.

Piotr Czerkawski

Fatih Akin

Born in Hamburg in 1973 in Hamburg to a family of Turkish immigrants, Akin is a German director, producer, and actor. He studied Visual Communication at the Hamburg Academy of Fine Arts. Akin's feature debut, Short and Painless (1998), won the Golden Leopard in Locarno. His successive productions have also garnered prestigious prizes, including  Head On, which won the Golden Bear in Berlin (2004 ), and The Edge of Heaven, whichtook home the Golden Palm in Cannes for the best script. Akin's films often touch on emigration, intercultural conflicts and ethnic tensions.

Selected filmography

1998 Szybko i bezboleśnie / Kurz und schmerzlos / Short Sharp Shock

2004 Głową w mur / Duvara karşı / Gegen die Wand/Head-On

2005 Życie jest muzyką / Crossing the Bridge: The Sound of Istanbul

2007 Na krawędzi nieba / Auf der anderen Seite / The Edge of Heaven

2009 Soul Kitchen

2014 Rana / The Cut

2017 W ułamku sekundy / Aus dem Nichts / In the Fade

Cast & Crew

director Fatih Akin
screenplay Fatih Akin
cinematography Rainer Klausmann
editing Andrew Bird, Franziska Schmidt-Kärner
cast Jonas Dassler, Margarete Tiesel, Adam Bousdoukos
producer Fatih Akin, Nurhan Sekerci-Porst
production Bombero International
sales The Match Factory
language German, Greek
colouration colour