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Petra Szöcs
Hungary 2018 / 76’
Angelo Dirty God

A teenage girl steals a funeral wreath and tries to resell it. Could she perhaps be the one who died but she just doesn’t know it? An electric shock from a hair dryer triggers a chain of odd events—or maybe this is what she would simply like to believe that, much like any child with a desire for supernatural abilities or a wish that something unusual take place. Petra Szöcs’ debut was inspired by the story of a 3-year-old albino girl from an orphanage in Deva, where the film was shot. While the little girl who appears in the first, documentary scene believed she was born in a cemetery, this role is played by an actress; her white, dishevelled hair and eyes, flickering like a kaleidoscopic crystal, want to hypnotize us. On the border between Romania and Hungary, where languages and identities mix, Szöcs finds an intriguing location for a character study—a girl who grows up under a rotting pipeline above which rise the ruins of a mythical fortress in Deva. For Kato, the catalyst for femininity is her friendship with Bogi, a volunteer employed at the orphanage. 

Adriana Prodeus

Petra Szöcs

Petra Szöcs is a poet, actress and director. She has been publishing her poems on regular basis since 2009, and her first volume, Two Waters, was published in 2013, for which she was nominated for a Péter Horváth scholarship. She appeared in Ibolya Fekete’s 2015 film Mom and Other Loonies in the Family. Her own short film about siblings who repeatedly play out Ceauşescu’s execution took part in the Cannes Festival competition in 2014. She made her full-length feature debut at the Venice Biennale College.


2009 Aki bújt (short)

2014 A kivégzés (short)

2016 Csoszogj úgy (short)

2018 Deva

Cast & Crew

director Petra Szöcs
screenplay Petra Szöcs, Gergö V. Nagy
cinematography Zoltán Dévényi
editing László Dunai
music József Iszlai
cast Csengelle Nagy,Fatma Mohamed, Boglárka Komán
producer Péter Fülöp
production FP Films
sales Wide
language Hungarian, Romanian
colouration colour