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My Nudity Does Not Mean Anything

Marina de Van
Ma nudité ne sert à rien
France 2019 / 85’
Mating So Pretty

The Big Lebowska-bitch does not leave the house. She chooses powerlessness, enslosure and dancing madly in front of the TV. The director of Don’t Look Back, with Sophie Marceau and Monica Bellucci, returns with a self-portrait of a single woman. A documentary-style journal of an artist who films her everyday life and stages her fantasies. Her “nudity without a purpose” lays bare an age when even a well-groomed, creative and self-aware woman becomes transparent and lies about her age on Tinder in order to get a date. Marina de Van’s striking nudity without posturing plays the role of a mirror that reflects our bourgeois lifestyle, feminist theory, misanthropy and erotic projections. The artist’s bed becomes a studio, and the whole world is viewed through the gap between her thighs. Wounds from previous relationships juxtaposed against the warmth of home result in an endless one-night stand. Her ravenous desire as a single woman is contrasted with her wise, wordless body. Add to this an ending in the style of a rom-com, and what emerges is an ultra-feminine, self-deprecating film. 

Adriana Prodeus

Marina de Van

Marina de Van is a writer, actress and director. She studied philosophy at the Sorbonne, as well as film studies. Her short films heralded the arrival of the edgy, uncompromising artist that she was recognized as following her full-length horrors about feminine sensuality: In My Skin and Don't Look Back. The latter film, with Sophie Marceau and Monica Bellucci, brought her popularity, as well as the screenplay for François Ozon’s 8 Women. Her Dark Touch was screened at the Tribeca, Sitges and Fantasia festivals. Her latest film premiered in Rotterdam.

Selected filmography

1993 Luce Turnier

2002 Pod moją skórą / Dans ma peau / In My Skin

2009 Nie oglądaj się / Ne te retourne pas / Don’t Look Back

2013 Dark Touch

2019 Moja nagość nic nie znaczy / Ma nudité ne sert à rien / My Nudity Does Not Mean Anything

Cast & Crew

director Marina de Van
screenplay Marina de Van
cinematography Vincent Mathias, Romain Le Bonniec
editing Mike Fromentin
music Florencia Di Concilio, Hit'n Run
cast Marina de Van, Juliana de Van, Rachel Arditi, Serge Chojnowski
producer Jean-Luc Ormières
production Just Sayin' Films
sales Stray Dogs
language French
colouration colour