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César Alejandro Jaimes, Juan Pablo Polanco
Colombia 2019 / 75’
Knives and Skin Sophia Antipolis

Doris, a young woman from the Wayuu tribe in Colombia, sees her dead cousin in her dreams. Her spirit complains that she hasn’t been able to experience peace since her tragic death—and her equally tragic life, which ended with a hasty burial—so she asks for a second funeral. In order to ensure that her cousin’s soul can rest in peace, Doris must exhume her body, carry out a shamanic ritual with the tribal elders and only then bury her again. Having decided to take on the challenge, she sets off through the desert to find her cousin’s grave. Along the way, she encounters the dead just as often as the living. The images and sounds from the beyond that the protagonist sees and hears appear in the form of whispers and screams, blinding light and thick darkness, empty spaces and unfinished dialogue. Lapü is a disturbing, sensual record of one of the most bizarre rituals to be found among Colombia’s natives. Women have traditionally taken on the responsibility of exhuming the dead and preparing their second funeral. This is the moment when they enter adulthood, a period of life not demarcated by a physiological change, such as menstruation or childbirth, but by the acquisition of spiritual skills: seeing parallel forms of life and ridding themselves of their fear of death. 

Ewa Szabłowska


Global Cinema Film Festival of Boston 2019 – Best Cinematography, Director; Moscow International Documentary Film Festival DOKer 2019 – Jury Prize

Juan Pablo Polanco

Juan Pablo Polanco was born in Bogotá Colombia in 1994. He studied Fine Arts at the Javeriana University and worked at the production company Crack where he participated in documentary projects as cameraman, editor and assistant director. He studied film direction at ECAM school in Madrid and he is currently co-founder of the Colombian production company Los Niños Films with whom he made his short film Portete and his first feature film Lapü.


2017 Portete (co-dir., short)

2018 A la Deriva (short)

2019 Lapü

César Alejandro Jaimes

César Alejandro Jaimes was born in Bogotá, Colombia in 1993. In 2010 he joined the Guerrero Art Academy at the Analog Experimental Photography Workshop. He continues his film studies in the Unitec Film School. He is a cofounder of the filmmakers group Los Niños Films, with which he works as director, producer and producer of film training workshops. 


2016 La venda (short)

2017 Portete (co-dir., short)

2019 Lapü

Cast & Crew

director César Alejandro Jaimes, Juan Pablo Polanco
screenplay César Alejandro Jaimes, Juan Pablo Polanco
cinematography Angello Faccini
editing César Alejandro Jaimes, Juan Pablo Polanco
music Yesid Vasquez
cast Carmen González Jusayú, Doris González Jusayú
producer Julián Quintero
production Los Niños Films
sales Syndicado Film Sales
language Spanish, Wayuunaiki
colouration colour