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Matthias Lintner
Träume von Räumen
Germany 2019 / 85’
Owner’s Portrait Ridge

A subversive manifesto against gentrification—a term isn’t mentioned even once in the film. A portrait of a Berlin tenement inhabited by dreamers, losers and artists. “When does a place become your own? When you soak three pairs of socks in a pink, plastic wash basin? When you use every hanger in the closet? Or perhaps only when you experience fear, passion or a toothache in it?” asks Matthias Lintner in an essay on alternative forms of housing. He spent several years living in Kleine Bremer Höhe, Bismarck-era housing estates that were taken over by artists, punks and an assortment of freaks after the Wall came down. Lintner shows an alternative to the capitalist race of increasing rents, well-ordered spaces and a developed city. Archetypical Berlin squats, an asylum for people from outside the mainstream, slowly slipping into the past, as the gentrification of the city progresses. The second voice belongs to Georges Perec, whose 1974 essay Species of Spaces establishes the film’s intellectual structure. Questions about the nature of space, its emotional appropriation by graffiti and the associated memories of stairwells, balconies and roofs are as important in the psychological geography of buildings as is paying rent. 

Ewa Szabłowska

Matthias Lintner

Matthias Lintner was born in South Tyrol, Italy and holds a degree in Graphic Design. From 2006 to 2008 he worked in various fields, such as a photographer, actor, floorer, primary school teacher for worker for people with disabilities. He has also travelled through France, Spain and the Far East. He studied directing at the German Film and Television School Berlin, DFFB. He curated an exhibition called art squat in Berlin Mitte in 2013 and has produced and directed numerous music videos.


2009 Gelb & Leise (short)

2011 Comfort Zone (short)

2012 Gefühle, die uns sonst nicht enthüllt worden wären (short)

2015 Die Lust (short)

2019 Marzenia w przestrzeni / Träume von Räumen / Property

Cast & Crew

director Matthias Lintner
screenplay Matthias Lintner
cinematography Francisco Medina, Matthias Lintner, Matilda Mester, Carlos Andres Lopez, Christopher Aoun
editing Ginés Olivares
cast Båtsman & Spooky, Koben, Rafael Fortuna, Herr Pieper, Matthias Lintner
producer Ewelina Rosinska
production DFFB (German Film and TV Academy Berlin)
language German, English
colouration colour