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Anna Odell
Sweden, Denmark 2018 / 112’
The Grand Bizarre

In her latest film, Anna Odell (director of the acclaimed The Reunion) conducts a social experiment aimed at studying the concept of identity. What exactly are masculinity and femininity? If we assume that sex is more than an arrangement of chromosomes, since it is culturally conditioned, can it be the subject of interpretation like other social constructs? X&Y is a multilevel structure built at the intersection of artistic practices and film. Instead of a screenplay, there is a film studio; locked inside are actors who, like participants in a reality TV show, must produce the story themselves. Odell uses his own life story to rearrange the layers of fiction into an exhibitionistic spectacle of emotion, desire and manipulation. She is both the researcher and the subject of her own investigation. She hides behind numerous alter egos, deconstructs the persona of the “crazy artist,” exposes the weaknesses of contemporary art and mocks the trappings of liberal society. She leads the participants and viewers to paranoia, making them unsure of what they are taking part in and what they are watching: a record of a failed artistic experiment or a brilliantly written feature. For this reason, X&Y is best viewed as an intellectual thriller.

Ewa Szabłowska

Anna Odell

Swedish conceptual artist and a film director. In 2009 her graduation work,  Unknown, Woman  2009-349701 and her feature debut  The Reunion (which wona number of top prizes at films festivals worldwide) she analyzes power structures and hierarchies in the society in the spirit of Michel Faucault. However, in contrast to many other critical artists, in her work the investigations get a twist of a cinematic form and a subversive humor.


2013 Zjazd absolwentów

2018 X&Y

Cast & Crew

director Anna Odell
screenplay Anna Odell
cinematography Daniel Takács
editing Kristin Grundström, Hanna Lejonqvist
music Gustaf Berger, Markus Hasselblom
cast Anna Odell, Mikael Persbrandt, Vera Vitali, Trine Dyrholm, Thure Lindhardt, Shanti Roney, Jens Albinus
producer Frida Jonason, Mattias Nohrborg
production B-Reel Films
sales New Europe Film Sales
language Swedish, Danish
colouration colour