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The Best of Dorien B.

Anke Blondé
Belgium, Netherlands 2019 / 106’
Synonyms The Days to Come

Dorien has it all: a beautiful house with a yard in the suburbs, two sons, a successful husband, a stable job at the veterinary clinic she inherited from her father. There has to be something wrong with this perfect picture, of course. When Dorien finds out that she has a tumor in her breast and that her mother has been cheating on her father for years, she is convinced that she has to completely transform her life. She deals with the crisis completely only her own—only the audience gains full access to her experiences and quandaries. A series of events and chance occurrences enable her to discover who she really is, what she has lost along the way and what she expects from herself and from others. The director, Anke Blondé, does not, however, take a dramatic tone: this is a matter-of-fact story, full of self-deprecation and subtle humor, while at the same time being very moving. Dorien has a chance for a catharsis—and so does the audience. The crisis is not the end but a transition to a new, fuller life in harmony with herself.

Karolina Kosińska

Anke Blondé

Born in Belgium, where she continues to live today, Anke Blondé is a director. She made her first short film, Meneer Frits, in 1998. The Best of Dorien B. is her full-length debut. She also works as a casting director.


1998 Meneer Frits (short)

1999 Buiten adem! (short)

2011 Dura Lex (short)

2019 Najlepsza Dorien B. / The Best of Dorien B.

Cast & Crew

director Anke Blondé
screenplay Anke Blondé, Jean-Claude van Rijckeghem, Bert van Dael, Sanne Nuyens, Geert Verbanck, Ellen Schoenaerts
cinematography David Williamson
editing Axel Skovdal Roelofs
music Rutger Reinders
cast Kim Snauwaert, Jelle de Beule, Katelijne Verbeke, Dirk van Dijck, Robrecht Vanden Thoren
producer Dries Phlypo & Jean-Claude Van Rijckeghem (A Private View),Marleen Slot (Viking Film)
production A Private View
sales Be For Films
language Dutch
colouration colour