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Adam & Evelyn

Andreas Goldstein
Adam und Evelyn
Germany 2018 / 100’
Abou Leila Beats

Adam is a popular tailor, with a love of his trade, who introduces a little bit of luxury to the coarse reality of East Germany by means of custom-made dresses. He treats his profession as an art form, which allows him to maintain his inner freedom. The limitations of the world of the Eastern Bloc are severely felt by his partner Evelyn, a waitress who dreams of more than just the German provinces. This intimate story about the ruts of their love has been inserted into a broader historical context by film director Andreas Goldstein. Signals of the approaching downfall of communism gradually seep into the everyday life of the protagonists. Although barely present, the political and social revolution will weigh on their entire future. For Adam, the fall of the Berlin Wall means the loss of professional and artistic independence. For Evelyn, its recovery.

Sylwia Borowska-Kazimiruk

Andreas Goldstein

A German director, screenwriter and film producer. He mainly produces documentaries, including Coffee Beans for a Life (2005) shot in the Podkarpacie (Subcarpathia) region and Werden Sie Deutscher (2013). In 2018 he made two independent productions - the feature-length debut Adam and Evelyn and the personal documentary Der Funktionär (The Communist), about his father's history.


2018 Der Funktionär

2018 Adam & Evelyn / Adam und Evelyn / Adam & Evelyn

Cast & Crew

director Andreas Goldstein
screenplay Andreas Goldstein, Jakobine Motz
cinematography Jakobine Motz
editing Jakobine Motz
music Lars Voges
cast Florian Teichtmeister, Anne Kanis, Lena Lauzemis, Milian Zerzawy, Christin Alexandrow
producer Tina Börner, Heino Deckert
production Ma.ja.de. Fiction
sales Pluto Film
language German
colouration colour