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In Fabric

Peter Strickland
UK 2018 / 118’
I Was at Home, but It Must Be Heaven

Sheila places a personal ad that reads, "A happy, attractive woman in her fifties looking for a sensitive, responsible man for long walks and perhaps something more." She is looking for the right outfit in order to make a good impression on her date. She finds what she's looking for in an exclusive, somewhat old-fashioned—or perhaps just suspended in the past—fashion house: an extraordinary red dress, the only one in the store. It soon becomes clear that the main character in the story is not Sheila but rather the dress—cursed and demonic, no one has the power to resist it, as it takes control over the life of anyone who owns it. Peter Strickland presents a mystery whose power lies in the fact that it must remain unsolved. It is meant to seduce audiences, to lead them beyond the limits of the rational and the ordinary. In this extraordinarily elegant film, sensuality, amazement and subtle humor intertwine, and the texture of the intense, saturated images has a hypnotic power.

Karolina Kosińska


Austin Fantastic Fest 2018 – Best Director; Mar del Plata FF 2018 – Best Film; Les Arcs European FF 2018 – Best Cinematography

Peter Strickland

Born in Reading, England, in 1973, Peter Strickland is a director, screenwriter and producer. He also spent many years living in Eastern Europe. He made his debut with Katalin Varga, an incredible film shot in landscape of Romania. He cemented his position as one of Britain’s most interesting directors with the bold and refined The Duke of Burgundy.

Selected filmography

1996 Bubblegum (short)

2009 Katalin Varga

2012 Berberian Sound Studio

2014 Björk: Biophilia Live (doc.)

2014 Duke of Burgundy: Reguły pożądania

2014 The Film That Buys the Cinema (doc.)

2018 In Fabric

Cast & Crew

director Peter Strickland
screenplay Peter Strickland
cinematography Ari Wegner
editing Mátyás Fekete
music Cavern of Anti-Matter
cast Marianne Jean-Baptiste, Fatma Mohamed, Hayley Squires, Leo Bill, Richard Bremmer, Sidse Babett-Knudsen, Gwendoline Christie
producer Andy Starke
production Rook Films, BBC Films, BFI Film Fund
sales Bankside Films
language English
colouration colour