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Take Me Somewhere Nice

Ena Sendijarević
Netherlands, Bosnia and Herzegovina 2019 / 91’
Ray & Liz The Children of the Dead

Winner of the Special Jury Prize in Rotterdam, Ena Sendijarević’s debut is based on her own experiences. Born in Bosnia and brought up in the Netherlands, the director captures the phenomenon of being caught in between—not only between countries and cultures but also between childhood and adulthood. The protagonist, Alma, travels from Amsterdam to Mostar to meet her ailing father, a man she doesn’t really know—just as she knows nothing of her country of origin. Bosnia is reminiscent of Jarmusch’s America from Stranger Than Paradise—it is presented as a surreal, absurd, dreamlike country. There are, in fact, more references to Jarmusch’s film, such as the road trip that Alma takes with two men: her Bosnian cousin, Emir, and his friend, Denis. Sendijarević shoots her film from strange, ambiguous perspectives and accents the state of suspension and lethargy that not only the inhabitants of Bosnia but also the protagonists are immersed in. Alma gives in to impulses, sudden waves of desire and the people she meets along the way. This sort of drifting is a characteristic of people who are uprooted, as well as of the very young, those who are looking for a place to latch on to—people like Alma, Emir and Denis, the first post-war generation, who are just now discovering their own identity.  

Małgorzata Sadowska


Rotterdam IFF 2019 – Special Jury Award

Ena Sendijarević

(1987, Bosnia) studied Media and Culture at the University of Amsterdam and was subsequently educated at the Dutch Film Academy, also in Amsterdam. Import (2016) was her first project after graduating. The short film premiered at the Cannes film festival in Quinzaine des Réalisateurs. Take Me Somewhere Nice had its world premiere and was awarded at IFFR 2019.


2013 Travellers into the Night (short)

2014 Fernweh (short)

2016 Import (short)

2019 Zabierz mnie w jakieś miłe miejsce / Take Me Somewhere Nice

Cast & Crew

director Ena Sendijarević
screenplay Ena Sendijarević
cinematography Emo Weemhoff
editing Lot Rossmark
music Ella van der Woude
cast Sara Luna Zorić, Lazar Dragojević, Ernad Prnjavorac
producer Iris Otten, Sander van Meurs
production Pupkin Film
sales Heretic
language Dutch, Bosnian
colouration colour