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Root Canal

Samira Eskandarfar
Iran 2013 / 70’
One. Two. One The Broker

Three women are engaged in a conversation in which love is the subject that comes up the most and intimate relationships in particular. Can you belong to another person? Is marriage just an illusion that we all try to believe in? In their statements, dry facts go hand in hand with exuberant metaphors. Certain issues are raised over and over again, turning into obsessive and intrusive mantras. The textual layer of Root Canal has the feel of poetic prose. The visual layer is equally atypical. The film consists mostly of black-and-white, pedantically composed shots in which the protagonists are most often shown en face, statuesque and official like celebrities. The film also has its share of surrealistic accents. The ostentatiously refined sections are contrasted with rough, quasi-documentary inserts.

Piotr Mirski

Samira Eskandarfar

Samira Eskandarfar was born in Tehran in 1980. She studied at the Iranian Youth Cinema Society. In addition, she took part in film workshops run by Abbas Kiarostami. She has made quite a few videos and short films that have been shown around the world; her video A Dowry for Mahrou was acquired by the Tate Modern in London. Root Canal is her debut film. She is also a painter.

Selected filmography

2013 Leczenie kanałowe / Root Canal

2017 Treadmill

Cast & Crew

director Samira Eskandarfar
screenplay Samira Eskandarfar
cinematography Hamed Sahihi, Kamran Tavakoli
editing Samira Eskandarfar, Roozbeh Sadjadi
music Ojan Zargarbashi
cast Khashayar Misaghian, Mahtab Mozayan, Fatemeh Pasha, Kazem Sayahi, Sanaz Seyed Esfehani
producer Ehsan Rasoulof
production Syndrome Productions
language Persian
colouration b&w