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Sebastian Weber
Poland 2018 / 30’
Game of Chicken Heimat

Wojtek has been working hard on the land since he was a child, without losing his joy for life, warmth or humor. His large home is always open to guests in search of company and friends in need of help. With nowhere else to go, an alcoholic named Paweł finds refuge there. The life of a Polish farmer and his neighbors as seen through the understanding and sympathetic eye of a young Swiss director.

Agata Bratek

Sebastian Weber

Born in Schaffhausen, Switzerland, in 1985. Works as a cinematographer and directs short feature and documentary films. Received a bachelor's degree in Film at Zurich University of the Arts; has taken part in numerous workshops and film courses at the Swiss FOCAL foundation. Has been studying the art of cinematography at the Lodz Film School since 2012. Took part in From Dusk to Dawn documentary workshops in Istanbul, Kolkata and Havana in in 2014 and 2015.


2013 Złamana biel (short)

2014 Swojak (doc., short)

2018 Gość / Guest (doc., short)

Cast & Crew

director Sebastian Weber
screenplay Sebastian Weber
cinematography Sebastian Weber
editing Anna Dobrowodzka
sound Rafał Nowak
producer Jerzy Kapuściński, Ewa Jastrzębska, Magdalena Borowiec, Tatiana Matysiak, Victoria Ogneva, Daria Zienowicz
production Studio Munka – SFP, Square Film Studio
sales Studio Munka – SFP
language Polish
colouration colour