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Bianca Lucas
Poland, Bosnia and Herzegovina 2017 / 23’
All’s Well Cold Pudding Settles Love

Alen joins a psychodrama workshop run by a therapist with a messiah complex. Accepted by the group right away, he is subjected to a detailed examination by the other participants. As his treatment progresses, the re-creations become more and more extreme. The only question is whether they are based on real memories or a collective fantasy.

Agata Bratek

Bianca Lucas

Of polish and australian origin, Bianca Lucas has lived and worked in Warsaw, London, Berlin, Istanbul, Sarajevo and Paris. She graduated from Goldsmiths College, University of London in 2010 with a BA in Media Studies. In 2016, she finished a three-year filmmaking course helmed by Hungarian filmmaker Bela Tarr in Sarajevo. Her films have been screened at international festivals such as, among others, Rotterdam, Angers, Winterthur, Wrocław and Sarajevo. She is currently based in Paris.


2013 Przed minięciem / Before Passing (short)

2017 Straszydło / Bogeyman (short)

Cast & Crew

director Bianca Lucas
screenplay Bianca Lucas
cinematography Taina Galis
editing Katarzyna Śpioch
sound Szymon Orfin
cast Amir Tatić, Emese Vasvari, Ivica Pinjuh, Alena Dzebo
producer Bianca Lucas
production Bianca Lucas, film.factory Sarajevo Film Academy
sales Bianca Lucas
language English, Bosnian
colouration colour