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Zuzanna Grajcewicz
Poland 2017 / 16’
Cold Pudding Settles Love Deer Boy

The actors at the Polish Theater in Wrocław have been struggling with a new director for over a year. The five protagonists are about to get fired; instead of being on stage as usual, they spend their time at street protests. This state of constant rebellion has also affected their private lives. Meanwhile, it turns out that this theater is not the only cultural institution in Poland facing such a problem.

Agata Bratek


Festiwal Sztuki Faktu Toruń 2017 – Special Mention for Short Documentary, Okiem Młodych 2018 – Koleje Dolnośląskie Prize

Zuzanna Grajcewicz

Born in Szczecin in 1994. Grew up in Łobez, a small town in the West Pomeranian Voivodeship. Completed a bachelor's degree in Theater and Film Studies and New Media Studies at Jagiellonian University. Is currently a second-year student at the Film and Television Directing Department of the Lodz Film School.


2017 22080 godzin 10 minut (short)

2017 Wycinka / Cut-out (doc., short)

Cast & Crew

director Zuzanna Grajcewicz
screenplay Zuzanna Grajcewicz
cinematography Jakub Dylewski, Joanna Kakitek, Oskar J. Krol, Zuzanna Grajcewicz
editing Anna Adamowicz, Zuzanna Grajcewicz
sound Zuzanna Grajcewicz
cast Anna Ilczuk, Andrzej Kłak, Michał Opaliński, Katarzyna Strączek, Marta Zięba
producer Agata Golańska
production Szkoła Filmowa w Łodzi
sales Studio Filmowe Indeks – Marcin Malatyński
language Polish
colouration colour