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Swedish Candy, Some Violence and a Bit of Cat

Ester Martin Bergsmark
Smågodis, katter och lite våld
Szwecja 2018 / 45’
Skate Kitchen Team Hurricane

Swedish director Ester Martin Bergsmark examines in his film-starting with the title itself-which was presented at the Rotterdam Festival, the limits of absurdity only to immediately exceed them, with a truly satanic giggle. In Swedish Candy, Some Violence and a Bit of Cat, little girls walk around the forest listening for mysterious screams, women trying to behave like "normal cousins" engage in bizarre conversations about the Moomin Valley while preparing to play Tarzan and Jane on the birthday of one of their daddies, and a boy in a sterile apron talks about gelatin, which, as we all know, is a substance of animal origin and can, in its liquid form, take any shape. In a sense, it's like love; although it's liquid, it sticks its victims in various, unpredictable configurations.

Marta Bałaga

Ester Martin Bergsmark

Ester Martin Bergsmark is a Swedish director and screenwriter who was born in Stockholm in 1982. In 2008, he directed the award-winning documentary Maggie in Wonderland with Mark Hammarberg. His next movie, She Male Snails, was an award winner in Gothenburg, where his film Something Must Break also premiered, for which he won a Hivos Tiger Award. In 2014, he was awarded a Mai Zetterling grant. His latest film, Swedish Candy, Some Violence and a Bit of Cat, was shown at the Rotterdam Festival.


2008 Maggie in Wonderland (co-dir.)

2009 Fruitcake (short)

2012 She Male Snails (doc.)

2014 Coś musi się stać / Nånting måste gå sönder / Something Must Break

2018 Szwedzkie cukierki, koty i trochę przemocy / Szwedzkie cukierki, koty i trochę przemocy / Swedish Candy, Some Violence and a Bit of Cat

Cast & Crew

director Ester Martin Bergsmark
screenplay Ester Martin Bergsmark, Dimen Abdulla, Eva Johansson, Louise Löwenberg
cinematography Iga Mikler
editing Andreas Nilsson
music Tami Tamaki
cast Eva Johansson, Louise Löwenberg, Nkosazane Alegra Rosa Söderquist Hlongwa
producer Anna-Maria Kantarius
production Garagefilm International
sales Garage Films
language Swedish
colouration colour