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Team Hurricane

Annika Berg
Denmark 2017 / 96’
Swedish Candy, Some Violence and a Bit of Cat Virus Tropical

In her debut film, Annika Berg accompanies eight wild teenagers who are not looking for love but for themselves. In the meantime, they smoke, talk about stretch marks, dye their hair blue and name giant dogs in their honor. They also learn about contraception from a boy dressed as a penis. Just like her protagonists, the Danish director has no intention of limiting herself: in Team Hurricane, even the subtitles are bright green, and Lola Bunny peeks out from walls covered with graffiti. Between shots depicting Pikachu's face, however, she manages to capture moments of genuine emotion: the girls going wild on-screen struggle with depression and anorexia and are hiding barely healed scars under their hot pink leggings. Although it's not always easy for them, they confidently give the world the finger. Let's go overboard with everything and be proud of it, as always, says one of the girls as they're getting ready for the event. Even the Spice Girls wouldn't be ready for this amount of girl power.

Marta Bałaga


Venice IFF 2017 – Circolo del Cinema di Verona Award

Annika Berg

Born in 1987, Annika Berg is a Danish director and screenwriter. She studied at the National Film School of Denmark in Copenhagen. Her 2017 film SIA brought her a Robert Award for Best Short Film, the most important film and television prize awarded by the Danish Film Academy. That same year, her full-length debut, Team Hurricane, was screened during the prestigious Critics' Week section at Venice, where it won the Circolo del Cinema di Verona.


2015 SIA (short)

2017 Team Hurricane

Cast & Crew

director Annika Berg
screenplay Annika Berg
cinematography Louise McLaughlin
editing Sofie Marie Kristensen
sound Sigrid Dpa Jensen
cast Eja Penelope Roepstorff, Ida Glitre, Maja Leth Bang, Mathilde Linnea Daugaard Jensen
producer Katja Adomeit
production Adomeit Film
language Danish
colouration colour