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The Goose

Mike Maryniuk
Canada 2018 / 72’
The Eyes of Orson Welles The Wolf House

He's called the Goose because he wears a jacket with the word Cosmos written on it, he has a funny hairstyle more suited to a child and he doesn't speak. Everyone in the Canadian town where he lives takes him for a simpleton except for his ventriloquist roommate, for whom his disability is basically an advantage. The Goose is an outsider who doesn't communicate verbally and who certainly doesn't fit. He experiences and describes reality differently. He's either a misunderstood artist or he has Asperger's. When he meets the Travel Agent, he decides to get out of his provincial hole. He wants to go to Arizona, where he believes he'll regain his ability to speak through new-age voice therapy. This psychedelic road movie by Mike Maryniuk, a self-taught director from Winnipeg who calls himself a "film folk artist," is a peculiar mixture of performances by local oddballs and funky animations, video-game aesthetics and allusions to silent movie-with plenty of neon lights, leather jackets and karaoke. Postinternet on the big screen.

Ewa Szabłowska

Mike Maryniuk

Mike Maryniuk was born in Winnipeg, but raised in the rural backcountry of Manitoba. A self-taught film virtuoso, Maryniuk's film world is an inventive hybrid of Jim Henson, Norman McLaren and Les Blank. Maryniuk's films are a visual stew of hand-made ingredients and are full of home cooked wonderfulness. His films have screened at Sundance, SXSW, NY Views from the Avant Garde.

Selected filmography

2008 Cattle Call

2009 Tattoo Step

2012 The Yodeling Farmer

2015 Home Cooked Music w/NFB

2016 No Cultural Value

2018 Gęś / The Goose

Cast & Crew

director Mike Maryniuk
cinematography Josh Marr
music Paul Leary, Andrew Courtnage (Smoky Tiger), JD and the Sunshine Band
sound Andy Rudolph
animation Mike Maryniuk
cast Rob Crooks, Bea Solsberg, Rob Vilar, Tim Roth, Washboard Hank Fisher
producer Mike Maryniuk
production Canada Coucil for th e Arts, M anitoba Arts C ouncil, Manitoba Film and Music,Winnipeg Film Group
sales La Distributrice de Films
language English
colouration colour