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Beautiful Things

Giorgio Ferrero, Federico Biasin
Italy 2017 / 95’

Many of the items that we collect throughout our lives and that we consider necessary start out in quiet, lonely laboratories. Others are created in the din of industrial sites. In four episodes, Beautiful Things shows the process through which everyday objects are created, as well as the people who make them, working in complete isolation on the margins (though not always geographic) of the world. The filmmakers compare them to monks performing a mechanical liturgy in temples of steel and concrete. Consisting of the production, transport, sale and destruction of objects, this drives the bulimic consumption of our time. In factories, laboratories and wholesalers, the same ritual is celebrated on a daily basis, and we, at the end of the food chain, eat its sacrificial offerings. Beautiful Things takes the form of an audiovisual fugue, intricately interwoven with sounds, gestures and ideas. Work and alienation, economics and ecology, oppression and consumerism enter into interdependence, entangling human actions with an abstract network of meanings. Futuristic science fiction about a future that we are already living in. Plus an electrifying soundtrack.

Ewa Szabłowska


Venice IFF 2017 – Best Italian Film; CPH.DOX 2018 – Next Wave Award

Georgio Ferrero

Giorgio Ferrero is a composer, director and photographer. Together with Federico Biasin and Rodolfo Mongitore, he runs the multidisciplinary studio MYBOSSWAS where he is creative director. He has composed soundtracks for dozens of films, theatrical performances and installations. He has created sound art installations. He has realized graphic displays, photographic campaigns and commercials for publishers and brands.


2016 Holden (short)

2017 Denoise (VR short)

2017 Piękne rzeczy / Beautiful Things

Federico Biasin

Frederico Biasin is a director and producer, MYBOSSWAS studio co-founder and Beautiful Things' cinematographer.


2017 Piękne rzeczy / Beautiful Things

Cast & Crew

director Giorgio Ferrero, Federico Biasin
screenplay Giorgio Ferrero
cinematography Federico Biasin
editing Giorgio Ferrero, Frederico Biasin, Enrico Aleotti, Filippo Vallegra
music Giorgio Ferrero, Rodolfo Mongitore
producer Federico Biasin
sales Filmtor
language English
colouration colour