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Iris Zaki
Israel, UK 2018 / 70’
The Wolf House

Tekoa is trendy place, more like a hipster oasis in California than an Israeli settlement in the West Bank. When Iris Zaki arrives there with herportable movie studio, the tension becomes palpable. Zaki, a leftist director from Tel Aviv, is an outsider in the settlement, and although locals try not to notice her, her very presence causes anxiety. Putting out a couple of chairs and a table at the grocery store where everyone can sit down and talk is nothing extraordinary. However, this seemingly simple intervention provokes a complex chain reaction among the residents of the settlement. Unsettling is in equal measure a film, an artistic action and a social experiment that shows how difficult it is to break through the wall of contradictory views, mutual animosities, stereotypes, extremism and aggression. It also shows that holding ordinary, non-judgmental conversations can change the world, and that's not an empty phrase but rather a peaceful direct action.

Ewa Szabłowska

Iris Zaki

Iris Zaki is an award-winning documentary filmmaker and researcher, who uses quirky first-person narratives to depict closed communities. She recently finished her PhD at Royal Holloway, University of London. Women in Sink, screened at over 120 festivals and universities, received 13 awards. Currently, Iris teaches ethnographic and documentary filmmaking, while screening her new film, Unsettling.


2011 My Kosher Shifts

2016 Shampoo Sumit

2018 Rozsadnik / Unsettling

Cast & Crew

director Iris Zaki
screenplay Iris Zaki
cinematography Or Azulay
editing Oren Yaniv
producer Osnat Saraga, Iris Zaki
production Nutz Productions
sales Go Films
language Hebrew
colouration colour