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Casanova Gene

Luise Donschen
Germany 2018 / 67’
Caniba Dragonfly Eyes

An unorthodox and somewhat confrontational film about lust, seduction and polygamy. From an evolutionary point of view, polygamy among women doesn't make sense, but it exists in nature. Is there a gene for promiscuity, the so-called Casanova gene, that is passed from father to daughter? In addition to sexologists, ornithologists from the Max Planck Institute in Berlin are also trying to find an answer to this question. While finches simply copulate-although evolutionists argue that this is a horrendous simplification-in the mating rituals of human males and females, every gesture matters. Luise Donschen moves seamlessly from unfaithful finches to the cultural props that are key to seduction rituals: dance, glitter, feathers, latex and domination and submissiveness. She analyzes them just as she analyzes the myth of the greatest seducer of all time, Casanova, deftly mixing cultural discourses and film genres: dance video clips, observational documentary, romance and slapstick comedy. A meandering essay-based on associations-about physical experiences. Pink flamingos and BDSM.

Ewa Szabłowska

Luise Donschen

Luise Donschen was born in Berlin in 1982. She studied Anthropology, German Philology and Film in Hamburg and Belgrade. She graduated in 2012 from the University of Fine Arts in Hamburg. Her graduation film Give Me Back My Own Picture Perfect Memory! was screened at film festivals internationally. Casanova Gene is her debut film.


2005 Zwischen den Grenzen / Between the Borders

2012 Macht, dass mir inne wird, was ich durch euch verloren habe! / Give Me Back My Own Picture Perfect Memory!

2018 Gen Casanovy / Casanovagen / Casanova Gene, 2018

Cast & Crew

director Luise Donschen
screenplay Luise Donschen
cinematography Helena Wittmann
editing Luise Donschen
cast John Malkovich, Elija Pott, Undine de Riviere
producer Luise Donschen
sales Luise Donschen
language German, English
colouration colour