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Another Day of Life

Damian Nenow, Raúl de la Fuente
Poland, Spain, Germany, Belgium, Hungary 2018 / 84’
A Coach’s Daughter BlacKkKlansman

Taking an example from Ari Folman and his Oscar-nominated Waltz with Bashir, Raúl de la Fuente and Damian Nenow take on a book by Ryszard Kapuściński published in 1976 and, in a sharply drawn animation, sketch a picture of the devastating war in Angola. Supplemented with documentary inserts, the film quickly turns into a story about Kapuściński and the choices he made in the period just before Angola gained independence. There were situations where he was sure he wouldn't survive. And every day he would say with relief: Another day of life is behind me, and one more ahead of me, but no more. The directors pay close attention to his words, while also searching for the truth beyond the pages of his book. Speaking with people he described, they conduct their own investigation-keeping in mind that, to understand the modern world, you have to use a moving globe.

Marta Bałaga

Damian Nenow

Born in Wroclaw in 1983, Damian Nenow is a Polish director. His animated Paths of Hate-an award winner at Annecy, among other places-has been screened at more than 90 festivals. A graduate of the Łódź Film School, he specializes in numerous fields related to computer graphics, and he has been collaborating with the Platige Images studio since 2005. His full-length feature film, Another Day of Life, based on Ryszard Kapuściński's book of the same title, was shown at Cannes.


2005 The Aim (short)

2010 Ścieżki nienawiści / Paths of Hate (short)

2010 Miasto ruin / City of Ruins (short)

2015 Fly for Your Life (short)

2018 Jeszcze dzień życia / Another Day of Life

Raúl de la Fuente

Born in 1974, Raúl de la Fuente is a Spanish director, producer and screenwriter, as well as the founder of the Kanaki Films production company. He directed the Goya Award-winning Minerita, which also captured awards in Krakow and at the San Sebastián Human Rights Film Festival, as well as the well-received 2006 documentary Nömadak Tx. His full-length feature film Another Day of Life, made with Damian Nenow, which combines elements of animation and documentary, was shown at this year's Cannes festival.


2006 Ostatni nomadzi / Nömadak Tx

2013 Minerita (documentary short)

2014 I Am Haiti

2017 Gold Fever (doc. short)

2018 Jeszcze dzień życia / Another Day of Life

Cast & Crew

director Damian Nenow, Raúl de la Fuente
screenplay Raúl de la Fuente, Amaia Remirez, Niall Johnson, David Weber, Damian Nenow
cinematography Raúl de La Fuente, Gorka Gómez Andreu
editing Raúl de La Fuente
music Mikel Salas
animation Rafał Kidziński
cast Mirosław Haniszewski, Vergil Smith, Tomasz Ziętek, Olga Bołądź, Rafał Fudalej, Paweł Paczesny
producer Amaia Remirez, Jarosław Sawko, Ole Wendorff-Østergaard
production Platige Image, Kanaki Films, Puppetworks Animation Studio, Animationsfabrik, Umedia, Walking The Dog, Wuste Film
sales Next Film/Platige Image
language English, Polish, Spanish, Portuguese
colouration colour