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Nanouk Leopold
Netherlands, Belgium, Germany 2018 / 94’
Climax Disobedience

It's pretty screwed up to be named after someone who shot himself in the head, - 15-year-old Cobain knows he wasn't born under a lucky star. Despite this, fate has finally started smiling upon him, as he is being moved from a boys' home to a foster family. Blocking his path to a better future, however, is his addiction-not to drugs but to a person, his drug-addict mother, who is expecting another child. Unemployed and constantly drunk, she is own her biggest enemy. Although she has been written off by the entire world, he can't forget about her. He runs away from his new foster home to save her from herself. The latest film from Nanouk Leopold (WolfsbergenBrownian MovementIt's All So Quiet) is a film that pulls no punches. The Dutch director presents, in an uncompromising fashion and judging no one, the lives of human shadows living on the streets in Rotterdam: homeless people, drug addicts and prostitutes. Living among them, the title character has to grow up far too early. His fight to save his self-destructive mother is convincingly portrayed by Bas Keizer, a young actor in his first role. With the camera constantly on him, the boy displays a full range of emotions in every movement: from rage to seemingly incomprehensible tenderness.

Mariusz Mikliński


Crossing Europe Filmfestival 2018 - Best Film; Festival del Cinema Europeo 2018 - Best Screenplay

Nanouk Leopold

Born in Rotterdam in 1968, Nanouk Leopold is a Dutch director. She graduated from film school in Amsterdam. Her participation in the No More Heroes program allowed her to make her first full-length feature, Îles flottantes. Her subsequent films-Guernsey, Wolfsbergen and Brownian Movement-together with her debut, are part of a four-part series about female loneliness. The last two were shown at New Horizons. In 2017, her drama It's All So Quiet was shown in the Lost Lost Lost section.

Selected filmography

1997 Marseille 1–2 (short)

1998 Weekend (short)

2001 Îles flottantes

2005 Guernsey

2007 Wolfsbergen

2010 Ruchy Browna / Brownian Movement

2013 Na górze cisza / It’s All So Quiet / Boven is het stil

Cast & Crew

director Nanouk Leopold
screenplay Stienette Bosklopper
cinematography Frank van den Eeden
editing Katharina Wartena
music Harry de Wit
cast Bas Keizer, Naomi Velissariou, Wim Opbrouck, Cosmina Stratan
producer Stienette Bosklopper, Lisette Kelder
production Circe Films, A Private View, Coin Film, The Film Kitchen, Vrijzinnig Protestantse Radio Omroep (VPRO)
sales Beta
language Dutch
colouration colour