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Anna's War

Aleksiej Fiedorczenko
Voyna Anny
Russia 2018 / 74’
3 Faces Ash Is Purest White

The girl, covered with clumps of black soil, regains consciousness. The camera shows parts of her body lying motionless under the arm of another person. The naked corpses are piled together in a mass grave. Anna crawls out. This is a unique moment since she won't see daylight again for the rest of the film. The story takes place in Nazi-occupied Ukraine in November 1941. A young Jewish woman provides a hiding place for the girl: in her chimney, covered in soot, with a small crack to let in the sun's rays. This claustrophobic war drama makes references to David, Fedorchenko's documentary debut from 2004, while at the same time being the most daring visual experiment in the Russian director's career. Anna (the phenomenal six-year-old actress Marta Kozlova) doesn't say a word, but her eyes, filled with terror, penetrate her enclosed hiding place. The tragic events in the life of this little Jewish girl are similar to the fate of Anne Frank, who spent years in hiding. Shot in an extraordinarily intimate way, the film reflects the point of view of the girl, deprived by history of a carefree youth.

Marcin Radomski

Aleksiej Fiedorczenko

Aleksey Fedorchenko is one of Russia's best-known contemporary filmmakers. In 2005, he received the Venice Horizons Documentary Award at the Venice International Film Festival for his mockumentary First on the Moon. A few years later, he made the magical realist Silent Souls. His follow-up was the poetic Angels of Revolution, which won the Grand Prix at New Horizons in 2013. His latest film, Anna's War, premiered at the most recent Rotterdam International Film Festival.

Selected filmography

2002 David (doc.)

2005 Pierwsi na Księżycu / Pervye na Lune / First on the Moon

2012 Czwarty wymiar / The Fourth Dimension (co-dir.)

2012 Niebiańskie żony Łąkowych Maryjczyków / Nebesnye Zhony Lugovykh Mari / Celestial Wives of the Meadow Mari

2014 Anioły rewolucji / Angely revoljutsii / Angels of Revolution

Cast & Crew

director Aleksiej Fiedorczenko
screenplay Natalia Mieszczaninowa, Aleksiej Fiedorczenko
cinematography Aliszer Chamidchodżajew
editing Hervé Schneid
music Vincent Arnardi
cast Marta Kozłowa
producer Andriej Saweliew, Artem Wasiliew, Maksim Łojewski, Dmitrij Worobiow
production SAGa, Metrafilms, February 29th
sales Medialuna
language Russian, Ukrainian, German
colouration colour