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Jagoda Szelc
Poland 2018 / 107’
Longing Ryuichi Sakamoto: async at the Park Avenue Armory

This graduation film by Łódź Film School acting students turns out to be more than just a stylistic exercise. While watching Monument, the atmosphere becomes palpable-unease, chaos and waiting for a turning point-emanating from the director's previous film, Tower. A Bright Day. At the same time, however, Jagoda Szelc doesn't limit herself to repeating what she did in her sensational debut. In Monument, the Wrocław-born filmmaker flirts even more intensely with horror conventions, this time with the genre's more sophisticated psychological form. Szelc's new film begins innocently enough. A group of students are to complete internships at a provincial hotel that seems to be located somewhere between Żebrowski's Transfiguration Hospital and the Hasowski Sanatorium from Clepsydra. Once there, the protagonists have to meet the whims of the stern manager, as they realize that the facility offers its clients some completely unconventional services. How will they handle themselves in this unexpected situation? What impact will the eponymous Monument-a mysterious building located on the hotel grounds-have on their behavior?

Piotr Czerkawski

Jagoda Szelc

Jagoda Szelc is a graduate of the Graphics Department at the Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław and the Film School in Łódź. She has made a number of well-received short and documentary films. Her full-length feature debut, Tower. A Bright Day, won the awards for best debut and best screenplay at the Film Festival in Gdynia. In one interview, Szelc said about herself, I was born in Wroclaw, and that satisfies my need for snobbery.


2011 Kichot (short, doc.)

2011 Krzycz, jeśli chcesz (short)

2013 Taki pejzaż (short)

2015 Spacer (short, doc.)

2017 Wieża. Jasny dzień / Tower. A Bright Day

Cast & Crew

director Jagoda Szelc
screenplay Jagoda Szelc
cinematography Przemysław Brynkiewicz
editing Anna Garncarczyk
music Rafał Nowak
cast Zuzanna Pawlak, Anna Biernacik, Oskar Borkowski, Jakub Zając
producer Agata Golańska
production Państwowa Wyższa Szkoła Filmowa Telewizyjna i Teatralna w Łodzi
language Polish
colouration colour