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Adam Sikora
Poland 2018 / 89’
A Cat with a Dog "Bestia (The Polish Dancer)" with music by Wlodek Pawlik

Sometimes, there's just no escaping politics. Even if you're an outsider like Franek, an art student who tells his friend, a support of the Solidarity underground movement: Life doesn't interest me. It's the winter of 1981, the beginning of martial law. Franek isn't involved in opposition activities. Everything changes, however, when he stays out past curfew one night. A few words too many as the police check his identification, and he's arrested. His situation worsens when the police search his home and find opposition leaflets that his friend gave. Things get political after all. In this film, set inside the stifling confines of a prison, Adam Sikora (Expelled, competition entry at the 9th New Horizons; The Giant’s Return, 17th New Horizons), revisits one of the key themes of his work: the need for alienation and life outside the mainstream. The historical context lends this attitude a rebellious tone. The boy's individualism has an element of conformism, but reality, armed with irony and chance, forces him to validate his stance. Franek's transformation, his re-entry into life, is portrayed convincingly by Łukasz Sikora, the director's son.

Mariusz Mikliński

Adam Sikora

Adam Sikora was born in Mikołów, Poland, in 1960. He completed his studies in Cinematography at the Film School in Łódź in 1988. He works as a cinematographer, screenwriter and director. He is best known for his work as a cinematographer, having worked on such acclaimed and award-winning films as Lech Majewski's The Mill and the Cross and Jerzy Skolimowski's Four Nights with Anna and Essential Killing. As a director, he has made both documentary films (The Bluesmen: A Ballad about Janek "Kyks" Skrzek; Corpus Christi) and feature films (Ewa, The Giant, Expelled).

Selected filmography

2005 Gigant

2005-2006 Boże Ciało (doc.)

2009 Mikołów (doc.)

2009 Paweł (doc.)

2009 Wydalony / Expelled

2010 Ewa

2016 Powrót Giganta / The Giant’s Return

Cast & Crew

director Adam Sikora
screenplay Adam Sikora
cinematography Tomasz Woźniczka
editing Beata Walentowska
music Tymoteusz Bies
cast Łukasz Sikora, Dorota Pomykała, Katarzyna Gałązka, Mariusz Bonaszewski, Marek Kalita, Arkadiusz Janiczek, Mariusz Jakus, Tomasz Sapryk
producer Włodzimierz Niderhaus
sales WFDiF
language Polish
colouration colour