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The Broker

Azadi Moghadam
Iran 2018 / 61’
Root Canal The Charmer

Although more and more people are using dating sites, Ms. Sadri's Tehran agency is thriving. It turns out, however, that finding a partner to share your life with requires more effort than simply swiping right, and the role of a good matchmaker is not only putting couples together, but also mediating between the expectations and imaginations of people who are dating and sometimes providing therapy for unhappy clients. They say that love is blind, so the role of the matchmaker is to make sober assessments: filtering ads and matching candidates in a matrimonial market that is governed by the rules of supply and demand. A market that is very conservative, where power is completely in the hands of men, and they dictate the majority of conditions. As a result, the advice of the matchmaker might seem archaic and cruel, especially to older or divorced women: they're left with few illusions, and they have to agree to much older husbands and turn a blind eye to their cheating ways. Azadi Moghadam's film shows how patriarchy works in its pure, unfiltered form. On the other hand, when we remember that a 37-year-old actress is too old to play a 50-year-old wife in Hollywood movies, the message ofThe Broker becomes much more universal. After all, the dilemmas facing her clients aren't so different from those of Tinder users.

Ewa Szabłowska

Azadi Moghadam

Born in Tehran in 1979, Azadi Moghadam is an Iranian director and journalist. She studied at Soore University, where she published a theater magazine called SimiaThe Broker, her second documentary following her short 2015 film Kahrizak-Tajrish, was shown at the Hot Docs international documentary festival in Canada. She is currently working on her third documentary.


2015 Kahrizak- Tajrish (short)

2018 Swatka / The Broker

Cast & Crew

director Azadi Moghadam
screenplay Azadi Moghadam
cinematography Azadi Moghadam
editing Azade Salimian
sound Ensieh Maleki
cast Shokouh Kharazi, Masoeme Boyaghchi, Masoume Pourkhalil, Ferreshteh Kiami Felaveriani
producer Azadi Moghadam
production Studio Moon
sales Maaa Film
language Persian
colouration colour