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Shahram Mokri
Iran 2017 / 102’
Dysfunctional Cat Kupal

The future is a black mirror reflecting the present. The sun has stopped shining on part of the world. Walls and fences protect chosen peoples against waves of illegal immigrants from the darkness. As if that were not enough, humanity is being menaced by a variety of formidable diseases. In the shadow of this global mess, an investigation is ongoing into the murder of Saman, a member of a team that plays an unknown sport. Closely followed by the legal profession, the alleged perpetrator reconstructs the entire incident inside a cavernous stadium, which is shown in one long, unbroken take. New facts come to light. Time enters a loop. Everything gets more and more bizarre. This enigmatic and masterful film by Shahram Mokri, the director of the experimental film Fish & Cat, which was an award winner at Venice, is a completely atypical variation on the theme of the sci-fi thriller.

Piotr Mirski

Shahram Mokri

Shahram Mokri was born in Maranda, Iran, in 1977. He completed his film studies at the University of Sooreh in Tehran, which is considered one of the most prestigious universities in the country. He has worked in television as an editor. After a series of short films, he made his debut with Ashkan, the Charmed Ring and Other Stories. His second film, Fish & Cat, won a special award at the Venice Festival and a FIPRESCI Award at the Freiburg Festival. Invasion is his third full-length feature.

Selected filmography

2002 Toofan-e sanjaghak / The Dragonfly Storm (short)

2005 Mahdoodeh-ye dayereh / Limits of the Circle (short)

2008 Ashkan, angoshtar-e motebarek va dastan-haye digar / Ashkan, the Charmed Ring and Other Stories

2013 Ryba i kot / Mahi va gorbeh / Fish and Cat

2017 Inwazja / Hojoom / Invasion

Cast & Crew

director Shahram Mokri
screenplay Nasim Ahmadpour, Shahram Mokri
cinematography Alireza Barazandeh
music Milad Movahedi
cast Abed Abest, Elaheh Bakhshi, Babak Karimi, Behzad Dorani, Pedram Sharifi
producer Sepehr Seifi
production Iran Novin Film
sales Iranian Independents
language Persian
colouration colour