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The Pig

Mani Haghighi
Iran 2018 / 108’
The Charmer TV 1979

We see contemporary Tehran through the eyes of Hasan, a director banned from making films and tormented by a pronounced midlife crisis, a man who lost interest in his family and fell in love with an actress whose career he helped. She has no intention of being subjected to the same prohibition as the man who discovered her, and, to his outrage, she takes roles in films made by his rivals, of whom there are fewer and fewer because a serial killer is prowling about the city and decapitating Iran's greatest directors. Oddly enough, he doesn't want to kill Hasan, which incenses him even more. Did he really mean so little? Or is he perhaps involved in the murders himself? In the running for the Golden Bear in Berlin this year, The Pig is not just an insightful portrait of Tehran-a city of masks and hypocrisy-but is above all a satire on the film community and the vanity of people in the arts, whose egos are similarly inflated no matter where in the world they're located. Mani Haghighi-the director of Modest Receptionand A Dragon Arrives!-deflates them with the precision and grace of Woody Allen's best work.

Adam Kruk

Mani Haghighi

Mani Haghighi is an Iranian director, screenwriter and actor (appearing in Asghar Farhadi's About Elly, among other roles). He studied Philosophy and Cultural Studies in Canada, before returning to Iran to direct his debut drama Abadan. He then moved more in the direction of comedy: his unique style can be seen in Modest ReceptionA DragonArrives! and his latestfilmThe Pig, which balances between offering a critical reflection on the social condition in Iran and a black, sometimes absurd sense of humor.

Selected filmography

2003 Abadan

2006 Kargaran mashghool-e karand / Men at Work

2012 Bez entuzjazmu / Paziraie sadeh / Modest Reception

2016 Wejście smoka! / Ejhdeha vared mishavad! / A Dragon Arrives!

2018 Świnia / Khook / The Pig

Cast & Crew

director Mani Haghighi
screenplay Mani Haghighi
cinematography Mahmoud Kalari
editing Meysam Molaei
music Peyman Yazdanian
cast Hasan Majuni, Leila Hatami, Leili Rashidi, Parinaz Izadyar
producer Mani Haghighi
production Dark Precursor Productions, Filmiran, Hedayat Film, Tasvir Gostar Pasargad
sales Films Boutique
language Persian
colouration colour