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Nicolas Roeg: It's About Time

David Thompson
Nicolas Roeg: Its about Time
UK 2015 / 59’
The Witches

Made and presented as part of the BBC series The Genius of British Cinema, David Thompson's documentary is the only film devoted to Nicolas Roeg that the director agreed to take part in. The 86-year-old Roeg invited the crew to his home and talked to Thompson about the watershed moments in his career. The film explores Roeg's (sensual, but not only) obsessions, references some of the best-known scenes and themes in his films, and lets viewers in on the secrets of his style (and, for the record, he imitates it). This is a fascinating journey in time: not only because Thompson is familiar with Roeg's turbulent career, but also because one of Roeg's favorite props was a clock, while the past, present and future in his works are constantly overlapping and interacting with one another. Thompson also managed to speak with a number of actors, beginning with Roeg's long-time muse, Theresa Russell, as well as Julie Christie, Donald Sutherland and Jenny Agutter. British directors Danny Boyle and Mike Figgis also discuss their fascination with Roeg.

Małgorzata Sadowska

David Thompson

David Thompson is a maker of arts documentaries for television (BBC, PBS, Arte) and a writer on cinema. He has made numerous portraits of directors, including Jean Renoir, Quentin Tarantino, Milos Forman, Robert Altman and Nicolas Roeg, as well as films on the visual arts, music, ballet, architecture and literature. He is the co-editor of the book Scorsese on Scorsese and editor of Altman on Altman.

Selected filmography

1992 Writing with Light: Vittorio Storaro

1993 Jean Renoir: Part One - From La Belle Époque to World War II

1994 Josef von Sternberg, the Man Who Made Dietrich (short)

2004 Mike Hodges: Beyond Get Carter

Cast & Crew

director David Thompson
screenplay David Thompson
cinematography Alex Jones
editing Alex Jones
producer Anthony Wall
production BBC Four
sales BBC
language English
colouration colour